A night for two complete strangers becomes one they will never forget in the latest film from indie filmmaker Gene Blalock.

GB is a young man living the high life of Los Angeles’ nightlife as a drug dealer. When he’s invited to the announcement of one of his favorite new bands, Sin 5, he meets up with party organizer Windham, who makes GB a major offer he can’t refuse. A new drug known as “suggestives” has been tapped and it involves mind control. Windham offers to double his pay if GB can score some suggestives.

On his way out, he meets the mysterious GG, a young woman who unbeknown to him, is the lead singer of Sin 5. However, she keeps it a secret as she needs some time away from all the partying and sees GB as her way out. Together, the duo hits up the streets of L.A. to find someone who is able to score them suggestives. As the night goes on, GB and GG begin to slowly fall in love with each other. When GG convinces GB’s mother that they plan to marry in order to score some money for the drugs, GB genuinely begins to fall for her, but GG still acts a bit reluctant because being the lead singer of Sin 5 is not the only secret she has been holding from GB.

Since his feature film directorial debut, The Nightmare Gallery in 2019, I have been waiting to see another feature film from the excellent Gene Blalock. And while he loves his horror, he goes a different route with this really good drama that takes place within the span of one night. This is a genre that this reviewer loves, with films such as Dazed and Confused and Yellow coming to mind.

The key figures of the film are known for only their initials, and it is their chemistry that drives the film. Writer Pasha Gerard, who also co-produced with Jhan Harp, does a great job as the very nervous at times GB, a local drug dealer who is given a mission to score a new brand of mind control drug, made up of the best ingredients of the major street drugs. Gerard has come up with some interesting concepts and eccentric characters that join him and his beloved GG along for the ride.

As it pertains to the character of GG, Nina Bergman is paving her way as a bonafide actress. After a major kickbutt performance in Hell Hath No Fury, Bergman is excellent in the role of GG. Bergman helps Gerard elevate his performance and she brings a sense of mystery to the role. We know that she is the lead singer of the band that everyone is out to see, but she is clearly under some sort of pressure to give a good show. To help her escape, even temporarily, she joins GB and the two go back and forth on a whirlwind courtship that has some bad moments, but more good moments in the crazy world that is the nightlife of Los Angeles.

Seize the Night brings a good-spirited budding romance in the wild world of Los Angeles nightlife. Nina Bergman and Pasha Gerard drive the film with their excellent chemistry. Another winner for that rockstar director Gene Blalock!


Glass House Distribution presents a Seraph Films production. Director: Gene Blalock. Producers: Jhan Harp and Pasha Gerard. Writer: Pasha Gerard. Cinematography: Daniel Button.

Cast: Pasha Gerard, Nina Bergman, Trevor Torseth, Justin Sandler, Teri Pluma, Nico Raban, Jonathan Erickson Eisley.