A mysterious force threatens those like him in this somewhat pseudo-sequel to the 2017 film Kill Order.

George Shepperd is in charge of a unit that hunts down and brings back people who have been enhanced with special powers after an experiment the government financed had gone completely awry. Led by Captain Williams, he explains that some of the enhanced have been possibly being killed off by one of their own. Anna, a female enhanced, attempts to save her boss Danny against three hustlers and the use of her powers forces George and his team into action. Despite a futile attempt from the mysterious Eli, Anna defends herself against George and his team, until she receives some unexpected help.

A mysterious force taking a human form is revealed as David. David is an alien who wants the location of the surviving enhanced. Kidnapping George and slowly killing off his team, David hunts down the enhanced in hopes to take their powers so he can return to his home planet. However, when Anna reluctantly helps George out after a captured enhanced, Joseph, returns for revenge, the duo escape David and the surviving members of George’s unit. Turning to Eli, the duo learns a shocking truth about the experiments and soon, they now find themselves against David and the government. Will Anna and George be able to stop David and force the experiments to stop?

When Kill Order came out in 2017, it marked the introduction to Chris and James Mark, the brotherly duo behind stunt team Team 2X with the former the star and fight choreographer and the latter as director and stunt coordinator. The film featured Chris as a young man part of a government experiment which gave him superhuman powers and the target of the government. The finale of that film was open ended and seems to somewhat continues with this pseudo-sequel, which now focuses on the other side of things for the most part.

George Tchortov, who has a slight resemblance to David Boreanaz, played the leader of the hunter unit in charge of capturing the “enhanced”, those with superhuman powers after the government experiment failed. He is the one who has a strong moral compass as he does his job until he comes across an enhanced in the form of Anna, played by Alanna Bale. Bale is great at displaying emotions as the enhanced who attempts to make George see the light. Despite the opening, where we see enhanced Joseph, played by Patrick Sabongui, attempting to prove that the enhanced can live peaceful lives without government interference. One can tell where this is leading to and does have a sense of predictability.

However, the angle involving Chris Mark’s David (which is why this can be seen as a pseudo sequel as his character in Kill Order is also named David), an alien who takes on a human form and steals the essence from the enhanced to gain his full powers. Like Kill Order, the enhanced are seen by their bright blue eyes and what looks like electric shocks in their faces which shows their power. As for Adrian Holmes’ Captain Williams, he seems to have good intentions at first when he reveals the possibility of an enhanced killing their own. Of course, as the film progresses, things get a bit predictable when it comes to the character.

The action scenes, done by Team 2X, are not that bad. There is a lot of wirework stunts and little hand to hand combat. It’s not on the level of Kill Order as there were more kicks thrown and weapons fights. Here, its mostly punches, blocks, and some ground work such as Jiujitsu and the like. Despite the likes of Alain Moussi (as fellow hunter Abel) in the film, the fight scenes clearly lack something and one only wishes that the fights were more on the level of its “predecessor”.

Enhanced is not a bad film, but it’s not a great film. It’s a middle of the road that does have a good story and seeing Chris Mark as the villain is a plus. The action scenes are okay, but compared to Kill Order, it’s just missing that chutzpah.


Vertical Entertainment presents a JM Action Film. Director: James Mark. Producers: Plato Fountidakis and Bruno Marino. Writer: James Mark. Cinematography: Russ DeJong. Editing: James Mark.

Cast: George Tchortov, Alanna Bale, Adrian Holmes, Chris Mark, Eric Hicks, Michael Delaney, Patrick Sabongui, Elvis Stojko, Alain Moussi, Tyler Williams.