The epic battle has finally arrived as in one corner, we have the powerhouse from Tokyo, Godzilla and in the other corner, we have the King of Skull Island, Kong.

The Monarch Company is monitoring Skull Island, where the beast known as Kong, is living his life. He has made a new friend in a young girl, Jia, who communicates via sign language. Meanwhile, it has been revealed that Godzilla, the titan of Tokyo, has been engaged in a series of attacks and Bernie Hayes, a former Apex employee and conspiracy theorist, has stumbled upon something major and teen Madison Russell is set to find Bernie and find out why Godzilla, whom she witnessed destroyed King Ghidorah five years ago, is set to investigate.

Apex has hired Dr. Nathan Lind, a former Monarch scientist and Hollow Earth theorist, to find a power source within Hollow Earth, a mission that killed Nathan’s brother years ago. Lind decides to take the job to prove the source exists but needs the help of Kong. Soon enough, Godzilla arrives while the team is en route to the Hollow Earth facility and launches a massive attack. Meanwhile, Madison and her friend Josh find Bernie and the trio arrive to the destroyed Apex facility in Hong Kong. There, they stumble something incredible and could change the outcome of a battle between the two massive titans.

The MonsterVerse finally comes to what is set to be an epic conclusion as the powerhouses known as Godzilla and Kong are finally unleashed against each other. To describe the film in a nutshell, for this reviewer, it meant redemption for director Adam Wingard, who while he delved into excellence with You’re Next, lost some major brownie points for his not-so good live-action adaptation of the Japanese manga and anime Death Note. However, he makes it up here with the long-awaited battle between the two iconic powerhouses.

If there is a flaw with the film, it is that the human scenes, two separate stories connected to the battle, tend to be a little big of a mixed bag. However, they do have their moments. On the Godzilla side, we have the returning Millie Bobby Brown as Madison, who plans to find a conspiracy theorist with the help of her friend, the comic relief Josh, played by Julian Dennison. On the Kong side, we have Alexander Skarsgård as Nathan, a scientist seeking redemption and getting help from his former colleague Ilene, played by Rebecca Hall. The scenes between young Jia, played by breakout Kaylee Hottle, and Kong are a bit touching as it is clear she is the only one capable of communicating with him.

How are the battle scenes between Godzilla and Kong? They are jaw-dropping and amazing to watch. Wingard shows his inner fan boy and knows what the fans wanted. And did he deliver. And thankfully, there is not only one battle between the giants, but a series of battles in which each of them show their strengths. Major props must go out to T.J. Storm and Terry Notary, the actors and stuntmen who did the motion capture of Godzilla and Kong respectively. However, just wait for it, as the film goes something of what to expect in a Japanese “vs.” film. In this case, a major twist in the story and fans of the franchises can wildly guess what that twist is, comes in and the rivals soon must do what they never imagined doing.

A fitting conclusion to the MonsterVerse, Godzilla vs. Kong lives up to the hype. While the human scenes have a bit of a “meh” factor, don’t let it take away the fact that you get to witness the powerhouses in action against each and for director Adam Wingard, redemption.


Warner Bros. Pictures presents a Legendary production. Director: Adam Wingard. Producers: Thomas Tull, Jon Jashni, Brian Rogers, Mary Parent, Alex Garcia, and Eric McLeod. Writers: Eric Pearson and Max Borenstein; story by Terry Rossio, Michael Dougherty, and Zach Shields; based on Godzilla by Toho and King Kong by Edgar Wallace and Merian C. Cooper. Cinematography: Ben Seresin. Editing: Josh Schaeffer.

Cast: Alexander Skarsgård, Rebecca Hall, Kaylee Hottle, Millie Bobby Brown, Bruan Tyree Henry, Julian Dennison, Demian Bichir, Shun Oguri, Eiza Gonzalez, Lance Reddick , Kyle Chandler, T.J. Storm, Terry Notary.