Derek Ting stars and directs this action-packed sci-fi film where a new hero is set to be born!

For CIA analyst Jim Yung, he has never expected to do any field work. Ever. However, when he is exposed to a mysterious alien dust, he finds himself having powers he never imagined having. While the dust has been known to make its victims go insane and uncontrolled, Jim undergoes training under the mysterious Alastair to help control his powers. With the help of Dr. Victoria Jansen and Captain Linden, Jim trains to become an operative who is part of a team of fellow new-powered warriors.

At first, Jim shows that he is green to training, fearing he will too be incapable to control his powers. After training and learning to channel his energy, Jim eventually does prove himself to be a worthy fighter. And it comes just in time when he faces off not only against those whose exposure to the dust tend to become too much, but an imminent alien threat, the source of the dust and questions soon must be answered. Can Jim find the courage to become the warrior he is now destined to be?

Hong Kong-based filmmaker Derek Ting brings to life a character who goes from young and green to a destined warrior hellbent on stopping a deadly threat. As the lead role, Ting couldn’t be a more perfect lead. He gets to showcase his emotional talents as a very shy analyst who slowly undergoes his training to become a warrior. The film’s use of dust as the source of gaining powers may bring Terence Hill’s Super Snooper to mind, but this is done for a more serious vibe and not so much comedic.

The supporting cast is great. As a great surprise, Star Trek: The Next Generation’s Michael Dorn is great as Alastair, who helps Jim learn to control his powers and channel his energy through Tai Chi. He becomes Jim’s go-to guy when he seriously needs it. Jim’s most trusted allies aside from Alastair come in the form of Billy and Aaron, played respectively by Kayla Ewell and Matthew Ryan Burnett. Ewell gets to be tough and has a striking resemblance to a certain Marvel hero while Burnett brings a bit of the comic relief.

The film meshes the present day with some flashbacks along with the present day, making the viewer not want to miss a beat. The action sequences are quite a hoot too. Combined with the film’s visual effects, the fight scenes are entertaining as we see bodies flying and we get to see Ting prove he has the potential to be an action star on the rise. This is actually the second of a film series that Ting created and he hopes to have the prequel released sometime this year.

In the meantime, check out Agent Revelation to get a glimpse at a young action star and filmmaker on the rise. Derek Ting does a great job in the lead role and has the skills both in front and behind the cameras with excellent support from Michael Dorn and company.


Quiver Distribution presents a Random Art Workshop production. Director: Derek Ting. Producers: Derek Ting, Chad Finnerty, and Joyce Yung. Writer: Derek Ting. Cinematography: Scott Chaffee.

Cast: Derek Ting, Michael Dorn, Kayla Ewell, Matthew Ryan Burnett, Carole Weyers, Chris Reid, Eve Mauro, Marikah Cunningham, Terrance Christopher Jones, Teo Briones, Maxine Bahns, Eric Mark, Cory Tucker.

The film will be released on January 22, 2021.