What would happen if a certain President made a deal with the Devil to get elected? That answer lies in this funny satire by filmmaker Param Gill.

Satan is not happy. He feels his minions, Misery, Anger, and Shame have failed him on all levels. He needs someone who can help him dominate the Free World and make it a world of insanity. It is soon revealed that the choice is clear. That someone is none other than Donald Trump, who wants to become the President of the United States. It all began in 2015 when Trump has decided to run for office, despite not knowing anything about politics and only is involved with business.

Disguised as Luther, who magically appears out of nowhere, Trump is given advice on how he can run for office successfully. However, as the election comes closer, he is unconvinced that Luther is there to assist him after an incident gone wrong. When he decides that he doesn’t want to be part of Luther’s deal, things go downhill for Trump. Eventually, Trump must find a way, even if he must deal with the Devil, to win the election and become the President of the United States.

There is a disclaimer to the film in the film’s first seconds…this is a satire. In other words, if you have no sense of humor, just avoid this one. That’s what the film is telling you. If you’re too serious about what’s going on in the world of politics, it’s best you don’t see this. But if you do have a sense of humor and wonder “what if?” in terms of storylines, you may end up enjoying this one. Again, this film is not to be taken seriously.

The reason to see this film can be summed up in two words: Jeff! Rector! The Hollywood veteran is outright hilarious as Trump, who may not have the exact look to him (but then again, who does?). However, he pulls off the manners and the way Trump talks perfectly. No disrespect to Alec Baldwin, but if they ever need a Trump replacement on Saturday Night Live, here’s your guy! Rector, who martial arts fans will remember for his great role as the villain Priest in Street Soldiers or his cameo as himself in The Martial Arts Kid, does it all perfectly with Eddie Griffin playing Satan himself, Trump’s on-off mentor throughout the election.

Griffin does pretty well sitting in a Game of Thrones-style chair with Dawna Lee Heising, Justin Shenkarow, and Robert Amico as his minions Misery, Anger and Shame. We get to see Melania, played by Melanie Marden, pretty much extort Trump in following his ideas as he hands her large wads of cash. We see Mark McClain Wilson’s Michael Cohen in his attempts to clean up Trump’s constant messes. And the icing on the cake, Trump accuser and adult star Stormy Daniels played by…well, Stormy Daniels herself! This is just one madcap movie that again, should not be taken seriously whatsoever.

Bad President again…is a satire. One that shouldn’t be taken seriously. If you have no sense of humor, avoid it. However, you’re missing out on one of the best impressions of Trump ever from Jeff Rector. He is the reason to see this film. A funny “what if” movie from the mind of Param Gill that anyone with a sense of humor should check out.


A Young n Free Films production. Director: Param Gill. Producer: Param Gill. Writers: Param Gill and John Buchanan. Cinematography: Mark C. Andrews. Editing: Carlos Rodriguez.

Cast: Eddie Griffin, Jeff Rector, Dawna Lee Heising, Justin Shenkarow, Robert Amico, Melanie Marden, Mark McClain Wilson, Becca Buckalew, Stormy Daniels.