James Cullen Bressack does the amazing job of bringing all of the filmmakers behind the previous three films to make this fourth installment of his Jennifer franchise.

Jennifer is celebrating her birthday with lots of friends. A gift is left behind from a horror blogger named Spencer, who had recorded himself going on a killing spree in a film entitled 2 Jennifer. Convinced that the story was real, Jennifer decides to make a film and enlists the aid of her boyfriend Joey and best friend Stefanie. Convinced that after seeing the video, Jennifer believes someone is out to get her and using the films To Jennifer, 2 Jennifer, and From Jennifer as inspiration.

As they begin production using their GoPro cameras, Jennifer’s discovery of the other films leads her on the brink of insanity. Her relationship with Joey slowly begins to dissemble and in hopes to discover why she is the next victim, she seeks out the likes of anyone possible involved with the previous films. However, Jennifer soon finds herself and those close to her in danger when a mysterious figure arrives to wreak havoc and to make Jennifer the final victim for their latest extravaganza.

In 2013, James Cullen Bressack surprised horror fans when he filmed and edited a thriller called To Jennifer entirely on an iPhone 5. Shortly after, Bressack championed Hunter Johnson’s “sequel” 2 Jennifer, in which played as an aspiring filmmaker who is hellbent on creating a sequel to the original film and goes unhinged in the process. Then came Frank Merle, who unleashed his “threequel”, From Jennifer, in which the titular character gains fame and intends to keep it that way at any cost. What happens when Bressack and the rest behind the previous films come together? Wait no more because that’s what we get in this latest film, written, produced, and edited by Jody Barton.

With Bressack serving as executive producer and Johnson and Merle serving as two of the film’s producers, what could go wrong? Well, in some way, one may feel they have to watch the rest of the franchise to understand this one when it actuality, it’s not so much the case. The film is similar in theme to its predecessors in the fact we see our titular Jennifer here, played by Tiffani Fest, intending not only to make a movie, but determine what is real and fantasy. Fest does quite well as a woman who slowly goes on the brink of insanity as she is freaked out by the footage she obtained from the second film, which was a gift from blogger Spencer, played by Hunter Johnson.

There are familiar faces present from the previous installments. Chuck Pappas, who starred in the original To Jennifer, appears as his namesake, who is believed to be responsible for killing the original Jennifer and is seen in a prison. Felissa Rose, who played a “Jennifer” in 2 Jennifer, appears in a memorable scene in the film where the “Jennifer” of From Jennifer, Danielle Taddei, also makes a memorable cameo in the film. The film is quite insane especially in the final scene, where everything goes down and even brings in a very shocking twist in the last 2 minutes before the credits roll…literally!

For Jennifer takes the franchise full-circle with the support of creator James Cullen Bressack and the filmmakers of the previous films. Jody Barton does a great job bringing everything full circle with a shocking finale that makes this worthy of the franchise.

WFG RATING: B presents a Lone Morsel Production. Director: Jody Barton. Producers: Jody Barton, Hunter Johnson, Frank Merle, Nick Kekeris, and Jarrett Furst. Writer: Jody Barton; based on characters created by James Cullen Bressack. Cinematography: Frank Merle. Editing: Hunter Johnson.

Cast: Tiffani Fest, Rich Finley, Lanett Tachel, Nick Kekeris, Dominique Swain, Felissa Rose, Danielle Taddei, Chuck Pappas, Jody Barton, Lily Thaisz, Martin Harris, Madeleine Wade, Gregory Blair, Hunter Johnson.