From the director of Opus of an Angel comes this short film that revolves around the ramifications of a digital leak.

In 2014, Tyler Fuller had hacked into over 100 iPhones of women and leaked their intimate photos. One of those victims was Sarah, a young woman whose reckless behavior had come back to haunt her. However, she thought she had moved on only for the leak to bring back her past demons. Her latest relationship has been impacted and her mother has berated her for her actions. 18 months later, Fuller was released from prison, given a slap on the wrist. When things get worse for Sarah, she attempts to do something unimaginable to move on once and for all.

Uldouz Wallace made this short film to send a message and prove something. The infamous 2014 iPhone leak, one of the biggest scandals involving photography (and the biggest since the infamous 2008 Hong Kong photo scandal involving actor/singer/clothing designer Edison Chen) had made such a major impact that it temporarily derailed the careers of affected stars. Her central character is Sarah, is played in a powerful performance Wallace herself. It is clear she is an aspiring actress whose past reckless behavior came back to haunt her as a result.

Wallace is outstanding as a broken woman who’s not only career, but life is seriously impacted by the leak. We see her relationship with her boyfriend shattered as her fear of intimacy destroys the bond. We see Sarah getting berated by her mother because she had been warned about her behavior. Rather than show support, Sarah’s mother doesn’t become a shoulder but more of another obstacle in Sarah’s personal life. While careers can comeback, sometimes life is so impacted by events like this, that it can result in something potentially dangerous.

Hacked sends a powerful message and driven by a powerful performance by Uldouz Wallace in a story about the impact of one of most notorious scandals in recent times.


An AZ Entertainment and U Entertainment production. Director: Ali Zamani. Producers: Zeus Zamani. Writer: Uldouz Wallace. Cinematography: Fabian J. Tehrani. Editing: Ali Zamani.

Cast: Uldouz Wallace, William McNamara, Anita Khalatbari, Guy Kapulnik, Michael Ursu, Laura Faye Smith.