Scott Adkins in Close Range (2015)

Let’s face it. One name that deserves more recognition than some is without a doubt, British martial arts Scott Adkins. Having first heard about him in 2001 when he was cast in The Accidental Spy with Jackie Chan, Scott would appear in films like Black Mask 2: City of Masks (which co-starred his Abduction co-star Andy On, who was making his official film debut at the time), and The Medallion before his breakout performance in 2003’s Special Forces for one of his two frequent collaborators in terms of directors, Isaac Florentine.

Adkins in his signature role of Yuri Boyka, “the most complete fighter in the world”

Since that breakout role, Adkins has become one of dominating forces of action cinema today, appearing mainly in independent action flicks and a few high profile films, including The Expendables 2, where he faces off against fellow British action star Jason Statham; and Marvel’s Doctor Strange as Lucius, the zealot who faced off against Benedict Cumberbatch‘s master sorcerer in the hospital/astral plane fight scene.

Adkins in Ninja: Shadow of a Tear (2013)

While he has made quite the following all over the world, one thing is definitely missing and it is about time to make it finally happen. With his awesome resume and reputation as one of today’s best global action stars, Scott Adkins should appear at U.S. conventions, like Comic Cons, Supercons, and all that jazz. At a place where loads of fans get to meet their favorite celebrities, it’s time for Adkins to join the fray with his amazing following everywhere.

While he has a schedule that is practically like that of Dwayne Johnson, there is some free time for Adkins to revel in the fame of meeting his U.S. fans, especially with his appearance in Marvel’s Doctor Strange and his signature role of Yuri Boyka in the Undisputed sequels. But Scott has done more than his fair share of genre films. He did appear in the horror film Stag Night and had done roles where he needn’t fight but rather showcase his penchant for acting as well. This is one actor who clearly defines the term “versatile”.

What’s even more great about Adkins is that he is a laid back fellow. Having interviewed him just as World Film Geek was in its initial stages in 2015 for Close Range, he was such a great guy to talk to. This is one actor who clearly loves to get in touch with the fans and it is time that conventions get their chance to bring Adkins to the United States for conventions.

Having learned from his booking agent that there is a small window that is free, there are some conventions coming up and if you are a fan of Scott Adkins, here’s what you should do. Go to the convention website and suggest bringing Scott Adkins to the convention through his booking agent. This would be a great opportunity for Adkins to meet more of his U.S. fans who have loved seeing him on screen for the past decade and half. From my understanding, he does begin a new project in October and we are in July, so there’s no time to waste.

For a list of upcoming conventions (with links to their respective websites), go to the following URL:

Let your voices be heard! Let’s bring Scott Adkins to U.S conventions! Here’s to you Scott!