Just when you thought Nazism was practically over, it has returned in this far out sci-fi action-comedy that has earned its reputation as one of the millennium’s great cult classics.

At the end of the World War II, the Nazis have escaped and have found a way to the moon, where they have set up a base. That have been waiting for the right moment to strike. In the year 2018, that time has come. When James Washington, an American astronaut, and a colleague arrive on the moon, they accidentally discover the base, which leads to the colleague’s death and Washington being taken in. In charge of the base is the new Mondführer, Wolfgang Kortzflesich.

Kortzfleisch’s right hand is Klaus Adler, who is destined for one reason or another, to raise a family with teacher Renate Richter. However, in actuality, Adler has other plans in mind. He intends to take over the leadership and invade Earth in hopes to become the ultimate world power. To hatch his plan, he puts Washington through an experiment that will lead him back to New York City, where both Adler and Richter plan to use the U.S. President’s re-election bid to “campaign peace”. However, when Adler’s plans are eventually discovered, the Fourth Reich begin their plan and it is now up to the world powers to unite and take on the common enemy.

There is something about meshing elements that sometimes works and other times, it doesn’t work. However, Johanna Sinisalo came up with a brilliant story involving Nazis, outer space, world powers unite, treachery, and a new brand of war and leave it up to Jarmo Puskala to conceive the idea with Michael Kalesniko and director Timo Vuorensola to write the screenplay to this film that can be best described as “a manic ride to the possibility of World War III” except it would be the world powers joining forces against an intergalactic…wait, that has been done, but instead of aliens, we have a new generation of Nazis as the enemy.

Vuorensala is a huge fan of sci-fi, with doing his own take-off inspired by Star Wars, the Star Wreck franchise in his native Finland. However, it was this film, featuring an international cast, that put him on the map in terms of gaining an international following. The story of the new “Fourth Reich” creating a base on the moon with the intention of invading Earth in 2018 to wreak havoc sounds maddening alone. However, it is the events that lead to this intergalactic world war that’s even more outstanding and it is thanks to its cast and twists in the story.

Julia Dietze is great as Renate Richter, the Nazi teacher who begins to question her morals and views when she learns of the true plot of the Reich and eventually finds herself teaming with Christopher Kirby, whose hero astronaut James Washington is forced to undergo an experiment that turns him into someone that comes out of the 1970 comedy The Watermelon Man. Bond villain actor Götz Otto channels his slick demeanor with the strength of his Mr. Stamper character in the form of Adler, who intend to become the new Führer while the legendary Udo Kier does what he does best as the current Mondführer, Kortzfleisch. Even Stephanie Paul is great in a comical sense as a Sarah Palin-esque President of the United States who emulates Palin to a tee. This particular character brings tons of comic relief along with Peta Sergeant’s Vivian Wagner, who goes over the top when necessary and for some strange reason, it works out really well.

Iron Sky is a fun and wild ride into a new form of an intergalactic war only replace the aliens with Nazis. It is madness as its finest thanks to its plot twists and excellent cast.


Entertainment One presents a Blind Spot Pictures Oy and 27 Films Production in association with New Holland Pictures. Director: Timo Vuorensola. Producers: Samuli Torssonen, Teko Kaukomaa, Olivier Damian, Mark Overett, and Cathy Overett. Writers: Timo Vuorensola and Michael Kalesniko; based on a story by Johanna Sinisalo; original concept by Jarmo Puskala. Cinematography: Mika Orasmaa. Editing: Suresh Ayyar.

Cast: Julia Dietze, Götz Otto, Christopher Kirby, Udo Kier, Peta Sergeant, Stephanie Paul, Tilo Prückner, Michael Cullen, Kym Jackson, Ben Siemer.