Alexander Nevsky in a promo shot for Showdown in Manila.

A big Congratulations is going out to Russian powerhouse star Alexander Nevsky.

Nevsky, a fellow “world film geek”, was voted this year’s Break Out Star at the annual Action of Film International Film Festival. Festival Director Theresa Coscarelli had this to say about Nevsky:

He’s handsome, talented, professional and he’s worked with top people in front of and behind the camera.  What more could you ask for?

Nevsky’s recent releases include Black Rose, which he made his directorial debut; Showdown in Manila, which marked the directorial debut of action star Mark Dacascos; and the soon-to-be released Maximum Impact.

Nevsky has been interviewed twice so far for WFG, first for Black Rose and then for Showdown in Manila.

Nevsky said this upon learning he will receive the award:

Thank you very much for that huge honor and I really look forward to attending your great Festival!  Thanks for supporting independent action movies, can’t wait to show my film Maximum Impact to the real action fans at ACTION ON FILM!

Nevsky will receive the award on August 25th at the Action on Film International Film Festival in Las Vegas.

World Film Geek congratulates Alexander Nevsky on his award! From one World Film Geek to another!