Bruce Leung and Hon Kwok-Choi become the Felix and Oscar of the kung fu genre with this action comedy about two bickering masters who must unite to stop a common foe.

Two men on a boat, To and Chow, can’t stand each other from the moment they laid their eyes on each other. When Chow attempts to frame To for a small gambling robbery, To uses his impressive kicking skills while Chow uses mantis fists. Despite a drunkard attempting to stop them, the two fight each other yet upon arriving in town they go their separate ways, or so they think.

To and Chow plan to open their own martial arts schools. However, they are literally across the alley from each other. Each master takes in one student and while the townsfolk are excited about the schools opening, they also live in fear. Master Kao is the town’s gang boss who constantly demands protection money. When To and Chow individually defeat Kao’s lackey, Kao proves too much for the masters each. However, when they realize they could team up and take on Kao, they defeat him. This incurs the wrath of Kao’s brother, the beggar fighter Szu Tai-Hung. When he viciously beats To and Chow, they find refuge in the drunkard, who is a kung fu master who offers to train the duo to stop Szu once and for all.

From the producers of My Kung Fu 12 Kicks comes this interesting action comedy that stars the awesome superkicker Leung Siu-Lung as what one can only describe as a kung fu version of Rick Moranis. Hon Kwok-Choi, usually relegated to comic roles, does surprisingly well combining martial arts and comedy. The two bicker like a married couple. Individually, they are pretty good but together, they prove to be unstoppable yet they prove to have that comic chemistry as well.

The theme is reminiscent of classics like The Secret Rivals films and The Hot, The Cool, and the Vicious. Leung’s glasses-wearing, bucktooth-like character is a master at kicking while Hon’s character is a master at Mantis Fist. They have some pretty good fight sequences with the likes of Bolo Yeung and others. However, the highlight fights are their two combat sequences against Rambo Kong, who plays Yeung’s brother seeking revenge. Kong, known for roles in 36 Crazy Fists and Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story, is great here and truly shows his impressive kicking skills. Ku Feng brings some comic relief as their master for the finale.

Invincible Kung Fu is a fun kung fu film with Bruce Leung and Hon Kwok-Choi in the lead roles mixed in with some excellent fight sequences.


A Roxy Film Company Production. Director: To Lo-Po. Producer: Ng Yuen-Cheung. Writer: Yueh Lung. Cinematography: Wu Fa-Shen. Editing: Tsai Hsiung.

Cast: Leung Siu-Lung, Hon Kwok-Choi, Ku Feng, Rambo Kong, Bolo Yeung, To Siu-Ming, Chan Liu, Mei Mei, Kei Ho-Chiu.