Legendary singer-songwriter Mike Peters of The Alarm is the focus of this great personal look at his life as aside from his music, he is known for something even greater.

Welsh musician Mike Peters formed the Alarm in 1981 after being in a popular local band called Seventeen. Mike and the band unleashed great hits at “Blaze of Glory” and “Sixty-Eight Guns”, making themselves internationally known in the 80’s until out of nowhere, Mike decided to quit the band and did so on stage without telling his bandmates. He would continue success as a solo singer on tour and he was enjoying his music.

In 1995, Peters was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma but he proved himself to be a determined musician. After beating the cancer, he reformed the Alarm in 2000 with a brand new group. In 2005, Mike learned he had leukemia and while continuing his music, he found something even greater. A chance to become dedicated to fighting cancer but not only his own cancer, but other cancer survivors. With cancer survivor and businessman, James Chippendale, Mike founded the Love Hope Strength Foundation. Joining with other rock musicians, Peters led a group to walk Mount Everest for charity and was successful. Today, Mike Peters continues on with both the Alarm and his LHS Foundation.

This is quite a fascinating look at Peters, focusing more as a man with determination facing his obstacles head on and not only does he face it head on, he does it with a smile. The film begins with the formation of both Seventeen and The Alarm and the band’s rise to international fame in the 1980’s. Fans such as Billy Corgan and former MTV VJ Martha Quinn talk about their love for Peters and the Alarm. There are even interviews with former members of the group and the reason why Peters abruptly quit the band on stage in 1991.

The film then delves into Peters’ reinvention as a touring musician who enjoyed like on the road as a solo artist. Peters also discusses how he met his wife Jules and what her parents first thought and soon learn what he is really like and how much to this day, he is dedicated to his love for Jules and her fears when he was first diagnosed with cancer in 1995. Beating it in 1996, Mike continued as a solo artist until 2000 when he decided to reform the Alarm with most of his old band giving him the okay.

What’s even more outstanding is that the film doesn’t glamorize Peters in any way. As much as his music career is legendary, the film also shows the human side of Peters. After being diagnosed with leukemia, Peters felt determined to climb a mountain in his native Wales and the walk gave him an idea. With a businessman who was also a cancer survivor, the Love Hope Strength Foundation was formed. The film showcased the LHS’ walk up Mount Everest, in which Peters invited Cy Curnin of The Fixx, Slim Jim Phantom of The Stray Cats, and other top musicians, a trend which holds to this day. In addition, we see Peters getting his treatments and he takes it all in stride and this is one legend who clearly is living life doing what he wants in terms of both his career and enjoying life through his foundation.

Man in the Camo Jacket is a great look at a music legend, whose humanitarian ways and career, shows his determination and enjoyment at living life. Definitely check out this look at the life of Mike Peters.


XLRator Media presents in association with J-2 Films a Kaleidoscope/ATA Films/Johnny Lama Productions film. Director: Russ Kendall. Producers: James Chippendale, Russ Kendall, Jonathan McHugh, Jonathan Platt, and Stash Silonski. Cinematography: Stash Silonski. Editing: Adam L. Banks, Michael Bradshaw, and Jeffery Scot Davis.

Featuring: Mike Peters, Jules Peters, James Chippendale, Slim Jim Phantom, Billy Corgan, Martha Quinn, Dave Wakeling, Nigel Phillips, Eddie MacDonald, Dave Sharp.

XLrator Media will be releasing this documentary on VOD and iTunes on July 4th.