Empire UK - May 2015

A sequel to Terminator: Genisys has been…terminated!

The 2015 reboot, meant to start up a new franchise revolving around the android and the Connor family, was critically panned and fans thought the film was not good, leading to a disappointment at the box office. Despite the criticism from both critics and fans, Arnold Schwarzenegger was hopeful that a sequel was on the way.

That no longer is the case as it has been reported that Paramount, the current rights holder to the franchise, have decided to put an end to the franchise, which began with the 1984 classic James Cameron film, in which Ah-nuld played the T-800, an android killer sent form the future to kill the mother of the future resistance leader. However, in the more successful 1991 sequel Terminator 2: Judgment Day, the T-800 is now a hero who is sent to protect the young John Connor from the deadly clutches of the enhanced T-1000.

After Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, which didn’t perform as well as its predecessors, a 2009 sequel/reboot revolving around the war between humans and the Terminators was released in Terminator Salvation, which featured Christian Bale as John Connor.

The franchise looks to be terminated at least until 2019, when the rights will return to the creator of the franchise, James Cameron. With working on his sequels to Avatar, there are only two options come 2019: end the franchise permanently or after Avatar, possibly reboot or come up with a suitable finale to the franchise.

More as this develops.

H/T: New York Daily News