Cobra Kai: Season 1 (2018)

Now, normally I try to avoid reviewing TV series. However, since I have reviewed the entire Karate Kid legacy, I felt it was necessary to give my thoughts on the new YouTube Red series that I can say, lives up to the legacy and does exactly what it has intended. It has been nearly 34 […]

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Afro Ninja: Destiny (2008)

What started out as an internet meme becomes a feature length urban action-comedy from stuntman Mark Hicks. Reggie Carson is a postal worker who is a bit overweight and feels like his life is going nowhere. His co-workers like him, but his supervisor always berates and makes him feel low. However, on Halloween, Reggie’s life […]

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The Watermelon Man (1970)

What happens when a racist goes through a radical change and is forced to live life as the same type of person he is totally against? Melvin Van Peebles may just have the answer in this raucous comedy that tackles a very sensitive matter that still exists today. Jeff Gerber is a Caucasian insurance agent […]

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Metamorphosis (1990)

A scientist takes drastic measures to keep the funding for his project but ends up with something far more dangerous in the only credited directorial debut for giallo screenwriter and actor Luigi Montefiori, using the pseudonym “G.L. Eastman”. Dr. Peter Houseman is a professor whose excelled in genetics. He has been working on a major […]

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