High Kickers (2014)

This Chinese action drama focuses on the Korean martial art of tae kwon do and has a sort of Best of the Best-vibe, but is not too bad. Lingling heads to the Navigation Tae Kwon Do Academy in hopes to train under Coach Zhao Yumin. At first, Zhao refuses to train the young woman but […]

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The Mighty Four (1977)

Casanova Wong seeks revenge for the death of his parents in this pretty standard Korean action film that makes for some interesting action pieces. As a child, Yin Chun-Yang watched his father killed and mother committing suicide at the hands of Chinese warlord Ma, who was in love with Yin’s mother. Yin would be raised […]

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The Dragon Tamers (1975)

Everyone knows John Woo as one of the best action film directors in the world today. During his early days as a director, he tackled the kung fu film and this film, his second as director, is quite interesting as we get to see a look at the motifs that would later become a trademark […]

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Shaolin Deadly Kicks (1977)

Superkicker Delon Tan shines in this very exciting kung fu film that he would virtually remake a decade later in America. A band of robbers known as the Eight Dragons have stolen a rare treasure map. They decide to take the map and divide into eight pieces, one for each member. The leader of the […]

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A Fight for Honor (1992)

A young woman learns a lesson about the true nature of the sport she loves in this feature directorial debut of Texas-based martial arts instructor Sam Um. Three years after beginning her training in the martial art of taekwondo, Crystal Lundgren has lost a recent tournament, which has left her depressed. Her mother and friends […]

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Best of the Best (1989)

1989, The Movie Group/SVS Inc. Director: Robert Radler Producers: Phillip Rhee Peter E. Strauss Writers: Phillip Rhee (story) Paul Levine (story and screenplay) Cinematography: Doug Ryan Editing: William Hoy Cast: Eric Roberts (Alex Grady) Phillip Rhee (Tommy Lee) James Earl Jones (Frank Couzo) Sally Kirkland (Catherine Wade) John P. Ryan (Frank Jennings) John Dye (Virgil […]

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