Baaghi 2

Shroff Sports New Look for “Baaghi 2”; Sequel Details


Bollywood action fans…Tiger Shroff is returning and he’s got a new look.

The actor and martial artist has cut down his hair and looks unrecognizable as he returns as his character of Ronny in the soon-to-be released sequel Baaghi 2.

The original 2016 Bollywood martial arts action film caused controversy when the finale was lifted from the Indonesian film The Raid, prompting a lawsuit from the rights owner to remake that very film. The lawsuit was ultimately thrown out. Despite the controversy, the film was successful, which prompted this sequel.

To prepare for his return, Shroff underwent physical training and flew to Hong Kong to train with legendary action director Tony Ching Siu-Tung in other forms of martial arts. The female lead this time around is Disha Patani, who plays a new character, replacing Shraddha Kapoor.

It has also been revealed that the sequel will actually serve as a remake of a Telugu film entitled Kshanam, which was released in 2016 and revolved around an investment banker who reunites with his college sweetheart and helps her track down her child when she goes missing.

Ahmed Khan directs Baaghi 2, which is due for release on March 30, 2018.

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“Baaghi 2” Coming in 2018


In 2016, the Bollywood action thriller Baaghi stirred up some controversy after the finale was believed to have lifted off The Raid, the Indonesian action thriller from Gareth Evans. Nevertheless, the lawsuit between the rights maker of The Raid and the producers of this film was tossed.

Baaghi was a hit at the Indian box office and it now looks like a sequel is in the works. As a matter of fact, the sequel Baaghi 2: Rebel for Love has a locked down date of April 27, 2018 from Fox Star Studios. Lead actor Tiger Shroff will return to his hero role of Ronny, an expert in taekwondo and kalaripayattu.

Shroff posted the poster art (above) on his Twitter account. Shroff will also be seen in 2018 in the Bollywood remake of Rambo in the character immortalized by Sylvester Stallone.

Look out for Baaghi 2: Rebel for Love in India on April 27, 2018.

H/T: Tiger Shroff Twitter