The Amityville Murders (2019)

The true story of a family murdered in 1974 and would later become known as an influence for a classic horror tale comes to life with riveting performances by the cast in this indie thriller. On November 13, 1974, Ronald “Butch” DeFeo Jr. had killed his entire family in their home at 112 Ocean Avenue […]

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Along Came the Devil (2018)

A young woman gets the most horrifying experience of her life in this demonic film from director Jason DeVan. When her mother Sarah has disappeared, young Ashley is forced along with her sister Jordan to live with their abusive father. However, ten years later, Jordan and left for college and Ashley has moved in with […]

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Seven Years of Night (2018)

A security officer and a vengeful father go head-to-head in this thriller from director Choo Chang-Min. Choi Hyun-Su is on the edge. He bought an apartment that can barely afford. His wife is constantly nagging him. To try to make ends meet, he has taken a job as a security supervisor at a remote village. […]

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My Sassy Girl (2001)

Based on an internet novel, this Korean film would become a hit film that made Il Mare star Gianna Jun a household name in her native Korea followed by a massive following all over the world. Kyun-Woo is a university student who is deemed a loser. His aunt constantly harasses him into going on a […]

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