90’s action star Jeff Wincott goes a new route in this emotional drama that’s quite the family affair.

Dr. Michael Mercer is a retired botanist who left academia due to his growing boredom with it. He lives out in a cabin in a wooded area in West Virginia. One day, while looking for a certain fungus that he’s studying, he comes across a young boy. The boy is holding the fungus and Michael offers him some trail mix in exchange. The next day, Michael sees the boy again and the two begin to talk. The boy’s name is Elvis, and he gives little details on his life.

As Michael decides to find out where Elvis came from, he also finds himself bonding with the boy. He finds himself connecting with the boy like a father figure. Elvis finds himself opening up to Michael as well little by little. Michael becomes concerned for Elvis and wonders whether Elvis is telling the truth about his home life or if he’s just a boy who is trying to get attention. However, Michael, who’s never really handled kids before, is going to do what it takes to make sure Elvis stays safe.

In the 1990s, Jeff Wincott made a name for himself in B-movie martial arts action films, such as Martial Law II, Mission of Justice, and Deadly Bet to name a few. However, he took some time off of acting to focus on his personal life and while he’s done a few films here and there as well as some TV roles, he hasn’t had a lead role until now. And it is refreshing to see him go another route, this time going a straight acting dramatic lead.

The film is a family affair and passion project for the Wincott family. Jeff’s wife Charlotte wrote and directed the film with the husband-and-wife duo serving as producers. The breakout star of the film is without a doubt young Wolfgang Wincott, who makes an amazing debut performance as Elvis. Wolfgang is a natural on the screen, especially because it is clear that the chemistry is there. We see Michael and Elvis engage in some normal conversations with Michael talking about his work as a botanist and Elvis talking about life at home little by little.

While there are other actors credited, we only hear their voices through phone conversations with Michael. That’s a really well thought out device as it helps keep the focus on Michael and Elvis. Michael admits a few times he’s not familiar with kids as it’s clear he doesn’t have any of his own, but he sees Elvis as a possible opportunity to become a father figure while Elvis looks for a father figure due to the complications he must endure at home. The final act is as not predictable as it seems and offers something very lighthearted and funny at times.

The Issue with Elvis is definitely a new star-making turn for former action hero Jeff Wincott. Wolfgang Wincott is a star on the rise, destined to follow in his father’s footsteps in the acting world. This is one indie drama worth watching.


Random Media presents a Hollow Metropolis production. Director: Charlotte Wincott. Producers: Charlotte Wincott and Jeff Wincott. Writer: Charlotte Wincott. Cinematography: Charlotte Wincott. Editing: Charlotte Wincott.

Cast: Jeff Wincott, Wolfgang Wincott