Bloodsport 4: The Dark Kumite (1998)

After two installments as Alex Cardo, Daniel Bernhardt plays a brand new character in this final installment of the martial arts action franchise. John Keller is an undercover cop who has been competing in underground fight rings as part of his operation. He has been tracking down nemesis Max Schrek and when he finally catches […]

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Bloodsport III (1997)

Alex Cardo is back and this third installment is seen as a flashback of how he once again enters the Kumite for a simple motive: revenge. During a camping trip with his son, Alex Cardo inquires his son Jason about him becoming the Kumite champion. Excited, Alex tells him the story of how he had […]

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Unrivaled (2010)

After two misfires with Never Surrender and Death Warrior, could the third time be the charm for martial artist turned filmmaker Hector Echavarria? The answer is both yes and no, but the film does improve in terms of executing the script by cutting down some elements unnecessary in the previous films. Ringo Duran is a […]

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High Kickers (2014)

This Chinese action drama focuses on the Korean martial art of tae kwon do and has a sort of Best of the Best-vibe, but is not too bad. Lingling heads to the Navigation Tae Kwon Do Academy in hopes to train under Coach Zhao Yumin. At first, Zhao refuses to train the young woman but […]

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American Brawler (2013)

The world of underground fighting returns in this pretty exciting action drama starring members of the amazing Stunt People squad. Carlos Castillo is a down on his luck martial arts instructor. He has lost his family due to the stress of running a school and on top of that, he is close to being sued […]

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Kill and Kill Again (1981)

With the success of Kill or Be Killed, the South African martial arts film that launched James Ryan as an action star, director Ivan Hall returns with this in-name sequel that delves practically into more of a James Bond-like thriller rather than the tournament genre of the original. Steve Chase is a martial arts champion […]

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