The Last American Virgin (1982)

This remake of a hit Israeli comedy may have an ending that is truly unexpected, but can prove to be a somewhat realistic one, and yet it doesn’t even come close to hindering the fact that this is an underrated 80’s gem of a film. Gary is a local high schooler and pizza delivery driver […]

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Johnny Gruesome (2018)

Based on his award winning novel, Greg Lamberson unleashes his iconic character to the big screen and it is a fun and wild zombie film. High school senior Johnny Grissom loves heavy metal, horror films, and his girlfriend Karen Slatter. His best friend is athlete Eric Carter. Arriving at school one day, Johnny gets into […]

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Foxes (1980)

The lives of four teenage friends in Los Angeles begin to unravel in this really good film that features a star-making performance for Jodie Foster and former Runaways singer Cherie Currie in her film debut. Jeanie, Annie, Madge, and Deidre are four best friends in the San Fernando Valley. They spend their days trying to […]

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Summer of 84 (2018)

Take one part Hardy Boys, one part coming of age film, and one part intense thriller and you have the latest thriller from the trio known as RKSS. Davey Armstrong is your ordinary 15-year old paperboy in the small town of Ipwisch, Oregon. However, he has a passion for mysteries and investigations. He has been […]

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The Power Within (1995)

What if a ring gave you the self-confidence and power to make yourself a better person? That is the question that revolves around this teen action film starring martial arts champion Ted Jan Roberts. Stan Dryer is a high school student who works at the local amusement park. He has eyes for fellow worker Sandy […]

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Gleaming the Cube (1989)

In the 1980’s, skateboarding gained extraordinary popularity. To capitalize on the trend, this film featured a dramatic storyline about one teen’s justice and his use of his skateboarding skills to find the ones responsible for his brother’s death. Brian Kelly is a teen who has a passion for skateboarding and shows angst towards his parents. […]

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