The Adventurers (2017)

Andy Lau attempts at the biggest heist of his life in this loose adaptation of a John Woo classic from actor/musician turned director Stephen Fung. Five years ago, master thief Zhang Dan attempted to steal one third of a prominent necklace known as Gaia. However, he found himself set up and put in prison. Having […]

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Gen-Y Cops (2000)

2000, Media Films/Regent Entertainment Director: Benny Chan Producers: Thomas Chung John Chong Solon So Benny Chan Writers: Chan Kiu-Ying Felix Chong Bey Logan Cinematography: Fletcher Poon Editing: Cheung Ka-Fai Cast: Stephen Fung (Match) Sam Lee (Alien) Edison Chen (Edison) Paul Rudd (Ian Curtis) Maggie Q (Jane Quigley) Mark Hicks (Ross Tucker) Richard Sun (Kurt) Rachel […]

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Gen-X Cops (1999)

1999, Media Asia Films Director: Benny Chan Producers: John Chong Solon So Benny Chan Writers: Benny Chan Peter Tsi Koan Hui Anna Lee Cinematography: Arthur Wong Fletcher Poon Editing: Azrael Cheung Cheung Ka-Fai Cast: Nicholas Tse (Jack) Stephen Fung (Match) Sam Lee (Alien) Grace Ip (Y2K) Daniel Wu (Daniel) Eric Tsang (Inspector Chan) Francis Ng […]

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REVIEW: The Avenging Fist (2001)

2001, Sil-Metropole Organisation/StarEast/B.O.B. and Partners Ltd. Directors: Andrew Lau Corey Yuen Producers: Wong Jing Andrew Lau Jessinta Liu Writer: Thirteen Chan Cinematography: Lai Yiu-Fai Editing: Danny Pang Cast: Wang Leehom (Nova) Stephen Fung (Iron Surfer) Gigi Leung (Erika) Kristy Yeung (Belle) Yuen Biao (Thunder) Sammo Hung (Dark) Roy Cheung (Combat 21) Cecilia Yip (Wing) Chin […]

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