Euthanizer (2018)

A man’s lease on a new life gets threatened in this dramatic thriller from Finnish filmmaker Teemu Nikki. Veijo Haukka is a car mechanic who also has another job. He is a euthanizer of sick animals. However, one fateful changes his life. Petri, another car mechanic, has been stealing tires from his place of employment […]

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Bucktown (1975)

Duke Johnson comes to the small town of Bucktown to bury his late brother Ben. When he is forced to stay 60 days to close his brother’s estate, he is given a chance to open his brother’s club, the Club Alabam. With the help of Ben’s friends Harley and Aretha, Duke begins to succeed. That […]

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Look at Me, America (1991)

Korean director Richard W. Park, known for L.A. Street Fighters, Miami Connection, and American Chinatown, directs this action-filled drama of rivals in high school who despite having a connection in terms of family, hold a grudge for each other. Korean-born immigrant Paul is a top running back in football. He is also a martial artist, […]

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The Watermelon Man (1970)

What happens when a racist goes through a radical change and is forced to live life as the same type of person he is totally against? Melvin Van Peebles may just have the answer in this raucous comedy that tackles a very sensitive matter that still exists today. Jeff Gerber is a Caucasian insurance agent […]

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College Kickboxers (1991)

American B-martial arts films, generally, tend to somewhat have a lack of excellent fight choreography. There have been exceptions, like the No Retreat, No Surrender films to name a few. This underrated martial arts film is an exception as well, thanks in part to Hong Kong stuntman-actor Tang Tak-Wing, who gets his first lead role […]

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Best of the Best 3: No Turning Back (1995)

1995, The Movie Store Director: Phillip Rhee Producers: Phillip Rhee Peter E. Strauss Writers: Paul Levine (original characters) Barry Gray (screenplay) Deborah Scott (screenplay) Cinematography: Jerry Watson Editing: Bert Lovitt Cast: Phillip Rhee (Tommy Lee) Christopher McDonald (Sheriff Jack Banning) Gina Gershon (Margo Preston) Mark Rolston (Donnie Hansen) Peter Simmons (Owen Tucker) Cristina Lawson (Karen […]

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