Knuckleball (2018)

If Home Alone was done as a violent horror film, then the result would most likely be this Canadian indie thriller from Michael Peterson. Henry is a 12-year old boy who is heading to a small town to visit his grandfather Jacob, while his parents are off to a funeral. Henry hasn’t had a chance […]

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Hover (2018)

There’s a new brand of killer in this sci-fi thriller from director Matt Osterman and it is one that people today tend to either play with or have some sort of fear with. Vastgrow, a corporation, have come up with a new design of drones that will help the agricultural farmland as it tends to […]

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The Death Games (1997)

Hong Kong has always been known to churn out some frenetic kickboxing style action in their films. This action packed film from Golden Sun Films, a company known for its lower budgeted kickboxing action films, is an underrated film in terms of fight scenes despite a lackluster finale that borders on the ridiculous. Former gangster […]

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Angel Town (1990)

Olivier Gruner, star of the Circuit film series alongside other countless B-movie action and sci-fi films, made his film debut in this action-drama revolving around a neighborhood terrorized by a local L.A. gang and a young college student who arrives and ends up becoming a hero. Jacques Montaine is a French-born martial artist who has […]

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Jailbreak (2017)

Cambodia unleashes some martial arts action in the vein of Indonesian hit The Raid with this action thriller. Playboy, the apparent leader of the Butterfly Gang, has been found guilty of crimes and is set to be sentenced and sent to Prei Klaa Prison. However, while in court, he has made the proclamation that he […]

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