Better Off Dead (1985)

A high schooler finds himself in a series of misadventures after being dumped in this hilarious 80s comedy from Savage Steve Holland. Lane Myer thinks he has it all with his girlfriend Beth Truss. However, in the span of a few hours, he not only loses the chance to live his dream to become a […]

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Unlovable (2018)

A woman finds a new outlet to overcome her addictions in this dramedy that features original songs from its co-star. Joy is a woman who has a major problem. The co-host of a children’s TV show, she finds herself in a stable relationship with co-star and boyfriend Ben. However, her biggest issue involves being promiscuous. […]

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Overboard (2018)

The 1987 comedy about amnesia and falling in love gets the gender reversal in this pretty funny remake that highlights the comic styles of leads Eugenio Derbez and Anna Faris. Leonardo Montenegro is a Mexican-born playboy who lives life on the yacht and canoodling with women on a near 24-hour basis. Kate Sullivan is a […]

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Mismatched Couples (1985)

Usually showing seriousness when it comes to his roles, Donnie Yen has without a doubt become one of the biggest action stars in Hong Kong, especially with his recent efforts. However, in 1985, Yen takes the lead in a more comical sense where he not only does his trademark martial arts skills, but the film’s […]

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Accident Man (2018)

Scott Adkins brings his dream project to life in this exciting adaptation of a British comic book from the director of Savage Dog. Mike Fallon is an assassin. He specializes in making his hits look like fatal accidents. After performing a job, he goes to a local pub to let the tension out by beating […]

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The Hollywood Knights (1980)

1980, Columbia Pictures/PolyGram Pictures Director: Floyd Mutrux Producer: Richard Lederer Writers: Floyd Mutrux (story and screenplay) Richard Lederer (story) William Tennant (story) Cinematography: William A. Fraker Editing: Stan Allen Scott Conrad Cast: Tony Danza (Duke) Gary Graham (Jimmy Shine) Michelle Pfeiffer (Suzy) Robert Wuhl (Newbomb Turk) Fran Drescher (Sally) Randy Gornel (Wheatley) P.R. Paul (Simpson) […]

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