The Silent Force (2001)

Loren Avedon and the late Karen Kim star in this action packed film about one man’s mission to avenge his entire team. FBI agent Frank Stevens has been part of an operation to take down an Asian crime syndicate led by Hue Gung Pao and his son Kim. When Kim is scheduled to make a […]

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Virtual Combat (1995)

Kickboxing legend Don “The Dragon” Wilson takes on the virtual world in this pretty interesting action film. David Quarry and his partner John Gibson are grid runners, border cops who make sure that all is safe when it comes to the world of technology and virtual reality. Stationed in Las Vegas, Quarry spends his free […]

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No Retreat, No Surrender 3: Blood Brothers (1989)

1989, Seasonal Film Corporation Director: Lucas Lowe Producer: Keith W. Strandberg Writer: Keith W. Strandberg Cinematography: John Huneck Editing: Allan Poon Cast: Loren Avedon (Will Alexander) Keith Vitali (Casey Alexander) Joseph Campanella (John Alexander) Wanda Acuna (Maria) Luke Askew (Jack Atteron) Rion Hunter (Antonio “Franco” Franconi) Mark Russo (Russo) David Michael Sterling (Angel) To complete […]

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No Retreat, No Surrender II: Raging Thunder (1987)

1987, Seasonal Film Corporation Director: Corey Yuen Producer: Roy Horan Writers: Keith W. Strandberg Roy Horan Maria Elena Cellino Cinematography: Nicholas von Sternberg Ma Kam-Cheung Editing: Allan Poon Kevin Sewelson Cast: Loren Avedon (Scott Wylde) Max Thayer (Mac Jarvis) Cynthia Rothrock (Terry) Matthias Hues (Yuri, the Russian) Patra Wanthivanond (Sulin Nguyen) Hwang Jung-Lee (Ty) Nirut […]

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Fighting Spirit (1992)

  Loren Avedon stars in this martial arts action thriller with an interesting twist. Some markets have released this as an in-name sequel to The King of the Kickboxers, but it is even not even close to being related. Judith Edwards is a young woman who has been assaulted to the point where the shock […]

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The King of the Kickboxers (1990)

After two sequels to No Retreat, No Surrender, Loren Avedon once again struts his stuff in his breakout film featuring some of his best action scenes to date. In 1981, Sean Donahue was in Thailand winning the championship belt. Sean brings his little brother Jake and when they are en route to the hotel, they […]

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