Bloodsport 4: The Dark Kumite (1998)

After two installments as Alex Cardo, Daniel Bernhardt plays a brand new character in this final installment of the martial arts action franchise. John Keller is an undercover cop who has been competing in underground fight rings as part of his operation. He has been tracking down nemesis Max Schrek and when he finally catches […]

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Bloodsport III (1997)

Alex Cardo is back and this third installment is seen as a flashback of how he once again enters the Kumite for a simple motive: revenge. During a camping trip with his son, Alex Cardo inquires his son Jason about him becoming the Kumite champion. Excited, Alex tells him the story of how he had […]

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Lady Bloodfight (2016)

2016, Voltage Pictures/B&E Entertainment Director: Chris Nahon Producer: Bey Logan Writers: Bey Logan (story and screenplay) Judd Bloch (screenplay) Cinematography: Michel Abramowicz Editing: Chris Nahon Cast: Amy Johnston (Jane) Muriel Hoffman (Shu) Jenny Wu (Ling) Kathy Wu (Wai) Jet Tranter (Cassidy) Mayling Ng (Svietta) Sunny Coelst (Jaa) Rosemary Vandenbroucke (Yara) Lisa Cheng (Lam) Chalinene Bassinah […]

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TRAILER: Lady Bloodfight

Amy Johnston struts her stuff in the official trailer to Lady Bloodfight, a project many fans have been waiting for. The film, a rehash of the 1987 hit film Bloodsport, is one of many female-centric martial arts action films that have been churning as of late, including Fight Valley, Raze, and Female Fight Club. Jane is a beautiful but troubled […]

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Bloodsport (1987)

  After making his high profile debut in No Retreat, No Surrender, Jean-Claude Van Damme became a household name with this classic tournament film that is apparently based on a true story. Major Frank Dux has plans to go to Hong Kong to compete in an underground tournament known as the Kumite. When he fears […]

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