Street Crimes (1992)

From the makers of RING OF FIRE comes this film about two cops who find a different method to bringing the neighborhood back together…through fighting. Tony is a rookie police officer who after attempting to bust a robbery fails to stop the leader of the gang. His actions gets him ridiculed by some of the […]

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Boyka: Undisputed (2016)

“The most complete fighter in the world” is back in this long awaited fourth installment and it is clear that Scott Adkins drives the film once again in his iconic role. Since his escape from prison, mixed martial arts fighter Yuri Boyka has been competing in the underground circuit. However, he has a chance to […]

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Supreme Art of War (2017)

Director: Andy Le Producer: Daniel Mah Writer: Andy Le Cinematography: Kevin Le Editing: Andy Le Kevin Le Julio Amavizca Cast: Andy Le (Stephen) Daniel Mah (Dragon Head) Ryan Tran (Server #1) Sterling Halloway (Server #2) Mike Kim (Dealer) Brian Le (Triad #1) A.J. DeLeon (Triad #2) Julio Amavizca (Triad #3) Mark Poletti (Triad #4) Chun […]

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American Kickboxer 2 (1993)

1993, Davian International Director: Jeno Hodi Producer: David Hunt Writers: Jeno Hodi Greg Lewis Paul Wolansky Cinematography: Blain Brown Editing: Lawrence A. Maddox Tim Spring Paul Wolansky Cast: Dale “Apollo” Cook (Mike Clark) Evan Lurie (David) Kathy Shower (Lillian Hansen) David Graf (Howard Hansen) Ted Markland (Xavier) Jeffrey R. Iorio (Hammer) Jessica Springal (Susie) Greg […]

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My Romeo (2004)

2004, B&S Limited/Star Company Limited Director: Chow Jan-Wing Producers: Debbie Cheung Chow Jan-Wing Writer: Chow Jan-Wing Cinematography: Wong Bo-Man Gordon Yeung Cast: Ronnie Cheung (Shek Siu-Lung) Grace Ip (Grace) Lee Lung-Kei (Mr. Shek) Lee Lei (Mrs. Shek) Lam Suet (Uncle Tung) Oscar Lam (Ah San) What is an apparent tribute to the 30th anniversary of […]

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Black Fist (1974)

A very interesting entry in the world of Blaxploitation films, this one is revealed to have a shocking revelation, which could described the constant use of fade ins and fade outs throughout most of the film. Leroy Fisk is a man in Los Angeles trying to earn a living for his family. He ends up […]

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TRAILER: Bound by Debt

Two brothers are Bound by Debt in the first trailer to the upcoming indie action film from writer-director Anna Mormando. Anna’s husband Paul Mormando, a champion martial artist, plays Dylan James, a rough and tough underground fighter who is estranged from his family. His brother Robert James (Bobby Ciasulli) is an addicted gambler with a […]

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