Virtual Combat (1995)

Kickboxing legend Don “The Dragon” Wilson takes on the virtual world in this pretty interesting action film. David Quarry and his partner John Gibson are grid runners, border cops who make sure that all is safe when it comes to the world of technology and virtual reality. Stationed in Las Vegas, Quarry spends his free […]

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TRAILER: Bushwick

Brittany Snow and Dave Bautista must endure martial law in Brooklyn in the trailer for this action packed thriller from directors Cary Murnion and Jonathan Millot. When Lucy (Snow) steps off the subway, she walks into an utter bloodbath on the streets of Brooklyn’s Bushwick neighborhood. Texas is attempting to secede from the Union, and […]

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March’s Indie Action Spotlight

It’s that time again and just before World Film Geek takes its annual vacation, which will be next week (with the exception of interviews and reviews that will be done ahead of time). Here is March’s Indie Action Spotlight! Our Clip of the Month is a short film many have waited for and that is […]

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September’s Indie Action Spotlight

It’s that time ladies and gentlemen! It is time to unleash September’s Indie Action Spotlight and we begin with some fan favorites: Andy Le and Daniel Mah of Martial Club present a tutorial on learning a technique called the Butterfly Kick. This move has been used and is the basis of various moves seen in fight scenes today. […]

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Project Kill (1975)

Before he became known for his comedies, the late Leslie Nielsen stars in this action film shot in the Philippines. For six years, John Trevor has been training a special team of military operatives who would be hired to become government hitmen. The key to their superiority over others is that they would be enhanced […]

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