Beatdown (2010)

Mixed martial arts outlet Tapout unleashes this film, with a cast that includes Danny Trejo, Rudy Youngblood, and MMA champion Michael “The Count” Bisping. Much like Tapout’s Circle of Pain, the film improves on story and cuts down majorly on the gratuitous nudity that plagues their first films. The story focuses on Brandon, a young […]

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High Kickers (2014)

This Chinese action drama focuses on the Korean martial art of tae kwon do and has a sort of Best of the Best-vibe, but is not too bad. Lingling heads to the Navigation Tae Kwon Do Academy in hopes to train under Coach Zhao Yumin. At first, Zhao refuses to train the young woman but […]

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Arena of the Street Fighter (2013)

German-born martial arts ace Mike Möller stars and directs this action packed film about one man’s shot at revenge against the gang responsible for his brother’s murder. What is interesting is that most of the film is told in flashback. Mikey, played by Möller, is a fighter who is in prison. After fighting an opponent, […]

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Gleaming the Cube (1989)

In the 1980’s, skateboarding gained extraordinary popularity. To capitalize on the trend, this film featured a dramatic storyline about one teen’s justice and his use of his skateboarding skills to find the ones responsible for his brother’s death. Brian Kelly is a teen who has a passion for skateboarding and shows angst towards his parents. […]

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The Divine Move (2014)

The Asian chess-like game of Go, or in this case, Baduk, gets deadly in this action thriller from director Jo Bum-Gu. Tae-Seok is a young man whose skills in the game of baduk has led him to help his elder brother Woo-Seok, who’s in a jam. Woo-Seok has been challenged to take on “Player”, a […]

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Come Drink with Me (1966)

One of the most beloved classic wuxia pian (heroic chivalry) marked the debut of a young ballerina turned legend. Her name: Cheng Pei-Pei. “Golden Swallow” Chang is the daughter of the local governor who is sent on a mission. Her brother, Master Chang, has been kidnapped by a group of bandits led by the devilish […]

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