Role Models (2008)

Actor Paul Rudd has come off some great roles in his career as of late with his roles in Anchorman, The 40- Year Old Virgin, and Knocked Up. Here, he proves not only can he pull off comedy in front of the cameras, but with the help of director David Wain and two others, he […]

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An Ordinary Man (2018)

A former war general attempts to become the titular type in this drama from writer-director Brad Silberling. When the former Yugoslavia was brought down, the war generals responsible for a series of massacres and genocide were brought to justice. All except one. The only one remaining has been in hiding since the end of the […]

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A Fighter’s Blues (2000)

Andy Lau’s 100th film shows a once broken man who finds himself on the verge of redemption. After serving a fifteen-year sentence in prison, former kickboxer Mong Fu has been released. He decides to look for his one-time love, Pim Nanthasiri, an aspiring documentarian. However, he has learned the sad news that Pim was killed […]

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Opus of an Angel (2018)

A doctor at the end of his rope gets the lesson of a lifetime in this riveting indie drama from Ali Zamani. Stephen Murphy is at the end of his rope. Reeling from failure of saving a life during his job as a cardiologist to losing his family in an accident, it has been a […]

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Dim Sum Funeral (2008)

A group of siblings get more than what they get bargained for in this touching dramedy from director Anna Chi. When Mrs. Xiao passed away, her housekeeper Viola is tasked with notifying her four children. All four have been estranged from both her and each other. Only son Alexander is a doctor who has been […]

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Best of the Best (1989)

1989, The Movie Group/SVS Inc. Director: Robert Radler Producers: Phillip Rhee Peter E. Strauss Writers: Phillip Rhee (story) Paul Levine (story and screenplay) Cinematography: Doug Ryan Editing: William Hoy Cast: Eric Roberts (Alex Grady) Phillip Rhee (Tommy Lee) James Earl Jones (Frank Couzo) Sally Kirkland (Catherine Wade) John P. Ryan (Frank Jennings) John Dye (Virgil […]

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