Bucktown (1975)

Duke Johnson comes to the small town of Bucktown to bury his late brother Ben. When he is forced to stay 60 days to close his brother’s estate, he is given a chance to open his brother’s club, the Club Alabam. With the help of Ben’s friends Harley and Aretha, Duke begins to succeed. That […]

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Hell Up in Harlem (1973)

Surviving an assassination attempt, “Black Caesar” Tommy Gibbs has found a ledger with the names of all corrupt politicians and policeman in New York City. Awaiting trial with his father, Gibbs uses the ledger to get acquitted through the help of dirty District Attorney DiAngelo. As much as DiAngelo is not thrilled with his dirty […]

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Black Caesar (1973)

Tommy Gibbs, a young man raised in the urban streets of Harlem, has always wanted to be more than average. When during his childhood, a dirty cop breaks his leg. Tommy begins a long quest for revenge. To achieve this, he takes a job as a freelance assassin to gain the attention of the Mafia. […]

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The Watermelon Man (1970)

What happens when a racist goes through a radical change and is forced to live life as the same type of person he is totally against? Melvin Van Peebles may just have the answer in this raucous comedy that tackles a very sensitive matter that still exists today. Jeff Gerber is a Caucasian insurance agent […]

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Death Force (1978)

1978, Cosa Nueva Director: Cirio H. Santiago Producer: Robert E. Waters Writers: Cirio H. Santiago (story) Robert E. Waters (story) Howard R. Cohen (screenplay) Cinematography: Ricardo Remias Editing: Gervacio Santos Robert E. Waters Cast: James Iglehart (Doug Russell) Carmen Argenziano (Morelli) Leon Isaac Kennedy (McGee) Vic Diaz (Crime Boss) Joe Mari Avellana (Japanese Soldier) Joonee […]

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Surf Nazis Must Die (1987)

A combination of post apocalypse, horror, and Blaxploitation, this 1980’s film has become an underrated cult classic with the help of the Troma Team. After a big earthquake has hit, the California beaches have been ruled by various gangs. However, one group intends to take over the beaches. They are known as the Surf Nazis […]

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