Bloodsport III (1997)

Alex Cardo is back and this third installment is seen as a flashback of how he once again enters the Kumite for a simple motive: revenge. During a camping trip with his son, Alex Cardo inquires his son Jason about him becoming the Kumite champion. Excited, Alex tells him the story of how he had […]

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Home Alone 3 (1997)

While we will miss Kevin McCallister, a kid stuck with chicken pox overcomes the odds in this pretty funny third installment of the holiday comic franchise. A major deal is being done in Hong Kong. Petr Beaupre is the ringleader of a band of hitmen who have stolen a missile-cloaking computer chip and have hidden […]

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Warriors of Virtue (1997)

Hong Kong director Ronny Yu melds fantasy films such as The NeverEnding Story and the likes of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles with this pretty decent martial arts fantasy film has not turtles, but kangaroos are the titular heroes. Ryan Jeffers is a young boy with a disability, which as a result, makes him an outcast. […]

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The Death Games (1997)

Hong Kong has always been known to churn out some frenetic kickboxing style action in their films. This action packed film from Golden Sun Films, a company known for its lower budgeted kickboxing action films, is an underrated film in terms of fight scenes despite a lackluster finale that borders on the ridiculous. Former gangster […]

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Red Pirate (1997)

Goonies star Jonathan Ke Quan makes his Asian action film debut with this action-packed thriller full of both firepower and kickboxing action. In a joint mission between Hong Kong and Vietnam, Hong Kong inspector Kwai Chia-Chiang goes to Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam and meets with Special Forces captain Min Shan. Together, their mission […]

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