Prey of the Jaguar (1996)

In the awakening of American B-martial arts films comes Prey of the Jaguar, a story of revenge when an ex-cop seeks revenge against the drug lord responsible for his family’s murder by disguising himself as a martial arts warrior based off his late son’s drawings. Very low budgeted, the cast of the film includes the […]

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Black Mask (1996)

Jet Li becomes a superpowered one-man army in this 90’s sci-fi/martial arts hybrid that holds quite well even today. Tsui Chik was once part of an experiment that made him lose all the pain nerves in his body. He became an elite member of a government assassination group known as the 701 Squad. However, grown […]

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First Strike (1996)

1996, Golden Harvest Productions Director: Stanley Tong Producer: Barbie Tung Writers: Elliot Tong Greg Mellor Nick Tramontane Stanley Tong Cinematography: Jingle Ma Stanley Tong Editing: Yau Chi-Wai Peter Cheung Cast: Jackie Chan (Jackie Chan Ka-Kui) Bill Tung (Uncle Bill) Jackson Lou (Tsui Kit) Annie Wu (Annie Tsui) Ailen Sit (Allen) Yuriy Petrov (Col. Gregor Yegorov) […]

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Shootfighter 2 (1996)

  The legendary Bolo Yeung is forced into the deadly sport he long retired from in this pretty nifty sequel to the 1992 tournament film. In Miami, a young shootfighter attempts to escape after refusing to kill his latest opponent. However, he is busted and faces the proprietor of the shootfighting ring, Lance. Lance uses […]

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American Chinatown (1996)

Grandmaster Taejoon Lee makes his lead role debut in this film from Miami Connection helmer Richard Park. Yong is an enforcer for local gang lord Eric. When Eric’s gang begins to have issues with rival crime lord Wong, Yong uses his martial arts skills to ensure that Eric can continue business. While Yong spends most […]

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God of Cookery (1996)

The rise and fall…and rise again of a renowned chef in Hong Kong is the basis and can only be done in Stephen Chow’s mo lei tau style in this hilarious cooking comedy. Stephen Chow is the renowned God of Cookery. He has many fans and loyal followers. However, he does have a bit of […]

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