To Be the Best (1993)

The sport of kickboxing in Las Vegas can be a deadly game in this action packed drama from the team behind Ring of Fire. The International Kickboxing Championships have gained a lot of attention in Sin City. The American team consists of Duke, Runt, Mario and brothers Erick and Sam. Sam, a once promising champ […]

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Surf Ninjas (1993)

It’s time to ride the waves of destiny in this family action comedy that highlights the talents of young martial arts legend Ernie Reyes Jr. Johnny and Adam are brothers who don’t care about much about school as much as they do about surfing. Raised by Mac, Johnny learns both he and his brother are […]

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The Program (1993)

The trials and tribulations of a college football team over the course of a season are explored in this film from the director of the hit baseball comedy Major League. Eastern State University has been unable to enter the college playoffs in three years. This year, they look to turn things around. They recruit a […]

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High Kicks (1993)

This film, made in the wake of the home video circuit, could be either an informercial for the predecessor of Tae Bo, an elongated Taster’s Choice commercial, or a women’s self-defense video. Actually, it turns out it somewhat melds all three. Sandy Thomas is the owner of the High Kicks aerobics studio. A sign for […]

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Magic Kid (1993)

Junior martial arts champion Ted Jan Roberts makes his film debut which features legendary kickboxer turned actor Don “The Dragon” Wilson in a special appearance. Kevin Ryan is a young martial arts champion from Kalamazoo, Michigan who is heading to California with his sister Megan to see his idol, kickboxer turned action star Don “The […]

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American Kickboxer 2 (1993)

1993, Davian International Director: Jeno Hodi Producer: David Hunt Writers: Jeno Hodi Greg Lewis Paul Wolansky Cinematography: Blain Brown Editing: Lawrence A. Maddox Tim Spring Paul Wolansky Cast: Dale “Apollo” Cook (Mike Clark) Evan Lurie (David) Kathy Shower (Lillian Hansen) David Graf (Howard Hansen) Ted Markland (Xavier) Jeffrey R. Iorio (Hammer) Jessica Springal (Susie) Greg […]

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