REVIEW: High Kicks (1993)

This film, made in the wake of the home video circuit, could be either an informercial for the predecessor of Tae Bo, an elongated Taster’s Choice commercial, or a women’s self-defense video. Actually, it turns out it somewhat melds all three. Sandy Thomas is the owner of the High Kicks aerobics studio. A sign for a part-time employee brings in newcomer Sam Monroe, a sailor … Continue reading REVIEW: High Kicks (1993)

REVIEW: Magic Kid (1993)

Junior martial arts champion Ted Jan Roberts makes his film debut which features legendary kickboxer turned actor Don “The Dragon” Wilson in a special appearance. Kevin Ryan is a young martial arts champion from Kalamazoo, Michigan who is heading to California with his sister Megan to see his idol, kickboxer turned action star Don “The Dragon” Wilson. Kevin’s uncle Bob, a talent agent, is the … Continue reading REVIEW: Magic Kid (1993)

REVIEW: American Kickboxer 2 (1993)

1993, Davian International Director: Jeno Hodi Producer: David Hunt Writers: Jeno Hodi Greg Lewis Paul Wolansky Cinematography: Blain Brown Editing: Lawrence A. Maddox Tim Spring Paul Wolansky Cast: Dale “Apollo” Cook (Mike Clark) Evan Lurie (David) Kathy Shower (Lillian Hansen) David Graf (Howard Hansen) Ted Markland (Xavier) Jeffrey R. Iorio (Hammer) Jessica Springal (Susie) Greg Lewis (Uncle Francis) Jeno Hodi (Attila) Two rivals must unite … Continue reading REVIEW: American Kickboxer 2 (1993)

REVIEW: The Deadly Cure (1993)

1993, Z Productions Ltd./Reel Asian Films Director: Michael Connor Producer: Dr. Zee Lo Writer: Dr. Zee Lo Cinematography: David Austin Editing: Dr. Zee Lo Cast: Dr. Zee Lo (Dr. Billy Lee/Eddie Lee) Deborah Keller (Susan) Leo Lee (Wu Feng) Bill Cable (Alex) Michael Lewis (Dean Hopkins) Kisu (Wing Ding) Joycelyne Lew (Mrs. Lee) Kenny Lane (Young Billy) Henry Cheung (Buddhist Priest) Jeet Kune Do and … Continue reading REVIEW: The Deadly Cure (1993)

REVIEW: The Untold Story (1993)

1993, Uniden Investments Ltd. Director: Herman Yau Producer: Danny Lee Writers: Law Kam-Fai Sammy Lau Cinematography: Cho Wai-Kei Editing: Robert Choi Cast: Anthony Wong (Wong Chi-Hang) Danny Lee (Officer Lee) Emily Kwan (Bo) Lau Siu-Ming (Cheng Lam) Shing Fui-On (Cheng Poon) Eric Kei (Robert) Lam King-Kong (King Kong) Julie Lee (Pearl) Hui Sze-Man (Cheng Lam’s Wife) One of the most talked about films in Hong … Continue reading REVIEW: The Untold Story (1993)

REVIEW: Kickboxer 4 – The Aggressor (1993)

1993, Kings Road Entertainment Director: Albert Pyun Producer: Jessica G. Budin Writers: David S. Goyer (original characters) Jean-Claude Van Damme (original characters) Mark DiSalle (original characters) Albert Pyun (story and screenplay) David Yorkin (screenplay) Cinematography: George Mooradian Editing: Kenneth Morrisey Cast: Sasha Mitchell (David Sloane) Kamel Krifa (Tong Po) Brad Thornton (Lando Smith) Jill Pierce (Darcy) Michele Krasnoo (Megan Lawrence) Thom Mathews (Bill) Burton Richardson … Continue reading REVIEW: Kickboxer 4 – The Aggressor (1993)

REVIEW: Live by the Fist (1993)

1993, Concorde/New Horizons Films Director: Cirio H. Santiago Producer: Cirio H. Santiago Writer: Charles Philip Moore Cinematography: Joe Batac, Jr. Editing: Ed Viner Cast: Jerry Trimble (John Merill) George Takei (Uncle Coronado) Vic Diaz (Warden Acosta) Ted Markland (Sacker) Laura Albert (Helen Ferris) Romy Diaz (Alvarez) Ronald Dantes (Vargas) Cris Aguilar (Chavez) Berting Labra (Jojo) Nick Nicholson (Greasemonkey) Steve Rogers (Porky) Former champion kickboxer Jerry … Continue reading REVIEW: Live by the Fist (1993)