College Kickboxers (1991)

American B-martial arts films, generally, tend to somewhat have a lack of excellent fight choreography. There have been exceptions, like the No Retreat, No Surrender films to name a few. This underrated martial arts film is an exception as well, thanks in part to Hong Kong stuntman-actor Tang Tak-Wing, who gets his first lead role […]

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Karate Rock (1990)

Italian B-movie filmmaker Fabrizio de Angelis attempts to capitalize on his “karate” films with the debut of current Hollywood star Antonio Sabato Jr. After causing too much trouble in Oakland, Kevin Foster is forced to move to a new town to start over. His father, John, is an Oakland police officer who takes Kevin to […]

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Dragon Hunt (1990)

Canada’s “Twin Dragons” are back in this action packed sequel to their film debut as they go from being hunters to being the hunted. Mercenary leader Jake is seeking revenge against the Twin Dragons, martial artist brothers who had stopped him from taking over a small island. Jake lost his hand as a result of […]

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Blood Hands (1990)

An aspiring second-generation kickboxer decides to put his dreams on the backburner for revenge in this B-movie Filipino-U.S. action film. Steve Callahan is looking forward to following in his father’s footsteps and become a champion in the sport of kickboxing. Always training hard, Steve is ready for the fight of his life. However, on his […]

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Shipwrecked (1990)

  A Norwegian novel comes to great life in this overlooked Disney adventure from the director of the original Pathfinder. Teenage Haakon has been waiting for his father to come back from sea. When his father returns, he learns his father was injured during his time and was saved by his friend Jens. However, the […]

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