Almost Friends (2017)

A man reflects on his life as he comes face to face with some new challenges, including a possible shot at love, in this dramedy from filmmaker Jake Goldberger. Charlie Brenner was an aspiring chef who was on his way to make it big when he made a mistake. No longer having the passion to live his dreams, Charlie finds a job as an assistant … Continue reading Almost Friends (2017)

Harder They Fall (2005)

Two kickboxers from opposite sides of Miami are the highlight of this independent martial arts drama, well shot and directed by Lee Cipolla. Max Anderson is a kickboxing hopeful who comes from the rich side of Miami, with his mother always supporting him yet sometimes berating him for sometimes not working hard enough. While Max longs to be just a college student, he is expected … Continue reading Harder They Fall (2005)

Enter an “Apocalypse Road” This December

It’s simple…Run. Fight. Survive. Brett Bentman will unleash Apocalypse Road this December on Video on Demand. In the film, two sisters separated during a post-apocalypse depression find themselves hunted down by a band of killers hellbent on becoming the new “law and order”. Katie Kohler, Ashlyn McEvers , Billy Blair and Nellie Sciutto star in the film, which will be released by Wild Eye Releasing … Continue reading Enter an “Apocalypse Road” This December

November’s Indie Action Spotlight

It’s the first Friday of the month, so that means it’s Indie Action Spotlight time! And this month, we have a special treat for our Highlight Clip of the Month! The duo of Vlad Rimburg and Stephen Reedy have collaborated on a short film entitled Princess Chronicles, which is a test for a potential web series. A meshing of Once Upon a Time and Into … Continue reading November’s Indie Action Spotlight

Shooting Begins on “Don’t Look There” This Winter

Production begins on a new thriller entitled Don’t Look There this winter. A mystery/thriller about a clinical psychologist who’s on a downward spiral as she treats a new patient that suffers from premonitions. As their sessions deepen, a detective solicits her help in hunting down an elusive serial killer terrorizing Detroit during the holiday season. The film will star Emmanuelle Vaugier, Kenny Johnson, Kirk Acevedo, … Continue reading Shooting Begins on “Don’t Look There” This Winter

Hennigan to Make Sure His Opponents “Never Leave Alive”

Professional wrestler John Hennigan becomes the latest target of a deadly hunt on an abandoned island in this upcoming action film from director Steven LaMorte. Titled Never Leave Alive, Hennigan plays Rick Rainsford, who is trapped on a deserted island with his reluctant companion, Anna. While attempting to save another gravely injured survivor they find themselves hunted by Zaroff, a sociopathic ex-KGB Agent long with … Continue reading Hennigan to Make Sure His Opponents “Never Leave Alive”

Highmore Looks for Rediscovery in “Almost Friends” Trailer

Freddie Highmore is on a road to rediscovering himself in the trailer to the upcoming indie drama Almost Friends. Once a promising young chef, Charlie is now an unmotivated twenty-something who lives at home with his mom and stepfather while working at a small movie theatre and living vicariously through his best friend, Ben. His life takes an unpredictable turn however, when he finds himself … Continue reading Highmore Looks for Rediscovery in “Almost Friends” Trailer