Blindsided: The Game (2018)

After a successful short film with Blindsided, Eric Jacobus and Clayton Barber have brought back the character in an extended sequel that brings some more action and more intensity. Walter is a lover of apple pie, making them himself even though he is completely blind. When he heads to the local convenience store to get […]

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Angel Town (1990)

Olivier Gruner, star of the Circuit film series alongside other countless B-movie action and sci-fi films, made his film debut in this action-drama revolving around a neighborhood terrorized by a local L.A. gang and a young college student who arrives and ends up becoming a hero. Jacques Montaine is a French-born martial artist who has […]

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Cobra Kai: Season 1 (2018)

Now, normally I try to avoid reviewing TV series. However, since I have reviewed the entire Karate Kid legacy, I felt it was necessary to give my thoughts on the new YouTube Red series that I can say, lives up to the legacy and does exactly what it has intended. It has been nearly 34 […]

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Locked Down (2010)

Tapout’s latest title reunites the stars of The Number One Girl, Tony Schiena and Vinnie Jones. This time, the film boasts to be a major improvement over not only that film, but comes close to the level of Schiena’s last Tapout film, Circle of Pain. Danny Bolan is a Chicago undercover police officer who becomes […]

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Circle of Pain (2010)

Mixed Martial Arts outlet Tapout makes a big improvement over the recent films starring Hector Echavarria and replaces him with former world karate champion turned action star Tony Schiena in a film that has a familiar theme: the comeback of a retired fighter. Dalton Hunt is a former fighter for the Revolution Fight Club, or […]

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Jailbreak (2017)

Cambodia unleashes some martial arts action in the vein of Indonesian hit The Raid with this action thriller. Playboy, the apparent leader of the Butterfly Gang, has been found guilty of crimes and is set to be sentenced and sent to Prei Klaa Prison. However, while in court, he has made the proclamation that he […]

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