Ride (2018)

A night in Los Angeles is about to take a terrible turn for a couple in the feature film directorial debut of Jeremy Ungar. James is an aspiring actor who works as an Uber driver while in-between acting gigs. On this particular night, he picks up young Jessica, who takes a liking to him. After […]

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Knuckleball (2018)

If Home Alone was done as a violent horror film, then the result would most likely be this Canadian indie thriller from Michael Peterson. Henry is a 12-year old boy who is heading to a small town to visit his grandfather Jacob, while his parents are off to a funeral. Henry hasn’t had a chance […]

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Housewife (2018)

This film around a disturbed young wife who falls under the spell of a charismatic cult leader has one of the most shocking finales in indie films this year. As a young child, Holly was in complete shock when she saw her mother kill her sister, Hazel, on the day that she had her menstruation […]

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Sleep No More (2018)

What starts out as a simple medical study turns both violent and mindblowing for these students in this thriller from director Phillip Guzman and writer Jason Murphy. At a small college, an experiment using a drug called Cogniphan is being done to see how long people can go without sleep. The hypothesis is that after […]

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Maximum Impact (2018)

Alexander Nevsky returns and this time, he may have found his most successful film to date with a combination of a fun ensemble cast, the director of Romeo Must Die, and the writer of the original Rush Hour. Since the end of the Cold War, relations between the U.S. and Russia have not been great. […]

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The Song of Sway Lake (2018)

The hunt for a rare record becomes a combination of paying homage to nostalgia with a melancholic tone about family, driven by the performances of the trio of Rory Culkin, Robert Sheehan, and Mary Beth Peil. A few years after his father’s death, Ollie Sway, the grandson of Sway Lake founder Captain Hal Sway, is […]

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Five Fingers for Marseilles (2018)

South Africa’s former history of apartheid takes a whole new twist in this very intense western-style drama from director Michael Matthews. During a time of apartheid, the Afrikaners have built the areas known as Roma, Barcelona, and Marseilles. The native Africans were forced to live in a shanty town on a hill near Marseilles known […]

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