Intensive Care (2018)

Three robbers are about to meet their match in their target’s live-in nurse in this action packed thriller that marks the lead debut of stunt performer Tara Macken. Alex has ended her time in the military as part of the Special Forces. She has decided to get her nursing degree in hopes to find a […]

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Maine (2018)

A woman’s quest to find herself takes an unexpected turn in this drama from writer-director Matthew Brown. Bluebird is a married Spanish woman who is traveling in the Appalachian Mountains in a quest to find herself. She meets a man named Lake, who like her, is also on the trail to find himself. She warms […]

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Slay Belles (2018)

Get ready for a dose of holiday fear and action with this indie horror comedy from the mind of Spooky Dan Walker! Sadie and Dahlia are cosplay fanatics who have their own viral channel calling themselves The Adventure Girls. They go into long abandoned places to have fun and possibly search for “treasures”. On Christmas […]

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Mobile Homes (2018)

A woman and her son attempt to start a new life in this riveting indie drama from filmmaker Vladimir de Fontenay. Ali is a young mother to 8-year old Bone. She has been drifting with her controlling boyfriend Evan and Bone from one place to another. When they begin to find homes where the owner […]

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Bloody Ballet (2018)

A series of brutal murders bring to light this tale of terror that may remind reviewers of the classic and reboot of Suspiria but offers something different in a good way. Adriana Mena is an aspiring ballet dancer who has just landed the lead role of the upcoming Nutcracker. She still has been traumatized by […]

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Mrs. Claus (2018)

It is time for some Yuletide terror as the titular character becomes an insane killer in this throwback to 80’s slasher films. Ten years ago, the members of sorority house Sigma Delta Delta were in a state of shock when a pledge named Angela, the victim of hazing and constant bullying, had enough and viciously […]

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