Knuckleball (2018)

If Home Alone was done as a violent horror film, then the result would most likely be this Canadian indie thriller from Michael Peterson. Henry is a 12-year old boy who is heading to a small town to visit his grandfather Jacob, while his parents are off to a funeral. Henry hasn’t had a chance […]

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Housewife (2018)

This film around a disturbed young wife who falls under the spell of a charismatic cult leader has one of the most shocking finales in indie films this year. As a young child, Holly was in complete shock when she saw her mother kill her sister, Hazel, on the day that she had her menstruation […]

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Sleep No More (2018)

What starts out as a simple medical study turns both violent and mindblowing for these students in this thriller from director Phillip Guzman and writer Jason Murphy. At a small college, an experiment using a drug called Cogniphan is being done to see how long people can go without sleep. The hypothesis is that after […]

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Mandy (2018)

After seeing this film, viewers may never want to put Nicolas Cage on the wrong side as he unleashes a world of hurt in Panos Cosmatos’ visceral homage to grindhouse horror and action films. It is 1983 in the Northwest Mountains. Red is a man who lives a peaceful existence with his girlfriend Mandy, an […]

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Serial Mom (1994)

John Waters unleashes a brand new type of killer in this dark comedy that is both bloody mad and hilarious at the same time. Beverly Sutphin is an ordinary housewife with a tight knit family. Husband Eugene is the local dentist. Daughter Misty works at the local flea market while son Chip is the assistant […]

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Mara (2018)

  What should be a simple murder case turns into something more sinister in the feature film directorial debut of Clive Tonge. A woman has been accused of murdering her husband in his sleep with their eight-year old daughter as the sole witness to the crime. Criminal psychologist Kate Fuller is assigned to the case […]

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Trench 11 (2018)

Taking the war drama and adding a horror-style twist, this indie thriller from director Leo Scherman is better than it sounds thanks to its balance of the genres. It is 1918, near the end of World War I. When Allied forces have learned that the German forces have built underground bunkers in an attempt to […]

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