Bad Blood (2010)

Hong Kong filmmaker Dennis Law, best known in the West perhaps for his martial arts action film Fatal Contact, combines the Triad gangster film with more technical martial arts fighting courtesy of former Jackie Chan Stunt Team leader Nicky Li. The end result is more of a mixed bag, but like Fatal Contact, brings a […]

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On the Ropes (2018)

Two brothers go to war with each other in this martial arts thriller from the director of Kill Order. Jon and Lee have been raised by the Old Man, a mobster, since childhood. When the two would get into arguments, the Old Man would force the boys to settle their differences in the ring. Now […]

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Scarface (1983)

Time to say “Hello to his little friend” as Al Pacino brings out one of his best performances in this 1980’s modern reboot of the gangster classic. A refugee from Cuba, Antonio Montana has come to Miami, Florida. Along with best friends Manny, Angel, and Chi-Chi, they find themselves working for Frank Lopez, the city’s […]

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Chasing the Dragon (2017)

Donnie Yen stars in this fact-based film on the life of one of Hong Kong’s most notorious drug lords with Andy Lau reprising a role from a two-film series in the 1990’s. In the year 1960, a man named Ho and his three best friends escaped China and headed for Hong Kong. There, they make […]

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The Divine Move (2014)

The Asian chess-like game of Go, or in this case, Baduk, gets deadly in this action thriller from director Jo Bum-Gu. Tae-Seok is a young man whose skills in the game of baduk has led him to help his elder brother Woo-Seok, who’s in a jam. Woo-Seok has been challenged to take on “Player”, a […]

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Johnny Dangerously (1984)

This 80’s underrated comedy is a funny tribute to the classic gangster film full of funny performances and gags that even holds in today’s standards. As a teenager hawking newspapers in 1910 New York City, Johnny Kelly is just trying to make a living to help his constantly ailing mother. When he gets into a […]

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Scarface (1932)

Before Al Pacino’s Tony Montana declared the world was his, Paul Muni’s Tony Camonte declared the same thing in this original film based on the Armitage Trail novel. Italian immigrant Tony Camonte has been hired as a gangster in 1930’s Chicago under Johnny Lovo, who had just ordered a hit on south side boss “Big” […]

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