Race to Witch Mountain (2009)

After a successful collaboration with the family comedy The Game Plan, former wrestler turned actor Dwayne Johnson and director Andy Fickman reunite for this update of the classic Disney films revolving around two special children with extraordinary powers. Jack Bruno is a cab driver in Las Vegas who is trying to go legit after working […]

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Woody Woodpecker (2017)

The latest in a classic cartoon going to live-action form, the lovable but mischievous woodpecker’s adventure has its moments. Lance Walters is a lawyer who just lost his job because of an interview he made going viral. He has learned that his grandfather left him a major piece of property among the Canadian border. He […]

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Midnight Madness (1980)

Five teams are in for the night of their lives in this Disney film that would mark the debut of two familiar faces today. Leon, a college student, has come up with an idea for an all-night scavenger hunt which he calls “The Great All-Nighter”. He has picked five of his classmates to play the […]

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Surviving the Wild (2018)

A teen decides to brave the odds to grant his grandfather’s final wish in this great family film featuring Jon Voight and Jamie Kennedy. Shaun is a 13-year old who is saddened when his grandfather Gus has died. Gus was considered Sean’s best friend due to his parents’ separation, which has since gotten very bad. […]

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