Siberia (2018)

Keanu Reeves finds himself in a crossroads in this stylish thriller from director Matthew Ross. Lucas Hill is an American diamond smuggler who heads to Russia to make a major deal with local Russian mob boss Volkov. The major deal involves a sample of a rare blue diamond that has been found by Lucas’ partner […]

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On the Ropes (2018)

Two brothers go to war with each other in this martial arts thriller from the director of Kill Order. Jon and Lee have been raised by the Old Man, a mobster, since childhood. When the two would get into arguments, the Old Man would force the boys to settle their differences in the ring. Now […]

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Infernal Affairs (2002)

This Hong Kong thriller is hailed as one of the greatest action dramas and it would be the inspiration for an Academy Award winning film. Two police officers, Lau Kin-Ming and Chan Wing-Yan, are truly opposites, but there is a connection between them. Lau is actually a mole working for Hon Sam, a notorious Triad […]

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Underground (2007)

Take twelve of the top martial arts fighters from the United Kingdom, a one million dollar prize, and add a little bit of what Bruce Lee called “emotional content” and you have this entertaining martial arts drama from newcomer director Chee Keong-Cheung. The film takes place in a world where underground fighting has become extremely […]

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Once Upon a Time in China (1991)

Tsui Hark, Hong Kong’s Steven Spielberg, brings back the period kung fu film and tweaks it up in this tale of one of the greatest Chinese folk heroes in history. The film would also catapult Mainland China wushu champion Jet Li to action film icon. In last 19th-Century China, businessman and military units from Europe […]

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Scarface (1983)

Time to say “Hello to his little friend” as Al Pacino brings out one of his best performances in this 1980’s modern reboot of the gangster classic. A refugee from Cuba, Antonio Montana has come to Miami, Florida. Along with best friends Manny, Angel, and Chi-Chi, they find themselves working for Frank Lopez, the city’s […]

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