I am Paul Walker (2018)

It is only fitting that on the fifth anniversary of his tragic death, this documentary about Paul Walker just shows how much he cared not only about the people around him, but the world in general. Paul Walker has come from a lineage of tough guys. His grandfather, Paul II, was a former boxing champion. […]

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Bieber Generation (2018)

This documentary takes a look at the fad known as the “Beliebers”, hardcore fans of pop star Justin Bieber. What is a Belieber? According to Urban Dictionary, the definition is a huge fan of pop star Justin Bieber. Even when Bieber had been at his absolute worse, the Beliebers have stood by their idol. What […]

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We Are X (2016)

Japan’s greatest rock band is profiled in this riveting documentary that shows the band’s rise, fall, and rebirth as they prepare for what will be one of their biggest shows in their 30-plus year history. Since their formation in 1982, X Japan has truly risen to become Japan’s biggest and one of the most pioneering […]

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