Ant-Man and the Wasp (2018)

The pint-sized Marvel superhero returns for this sequel and this time, he’s not alone! Scott Lang, the former thief who became the superhero Ant-Man, is about to be done with his house arrest following the events of his actions in Berlin, Germany. Spending time with daughter Cassie and making amends with ex-wife Maggie and her […]

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Maximum Impact (2018)

Alexander Nevsky returns and this time, he may have found his most successful film to date with a combination of a fun ensemble cast, the director of Romeo Must Die, and the writer of the original Rush Hour. Since the end of the Cold War, relations between the U.S. and Russia have not been great. […]

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Bleach (2018)

Tite Kubo’s beloved manga turned anime finally has a live-action adaptation that thanks to the performances of its cast, makes this a worthy adaptation to enjoy. High schooler Ichigo Kurosaki is a young man who has a certain ability that no one in his class has and that is the power to see ghosts. Having […]

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Serial Mom (1994)

John Waters unleashes a brand new type of killer in this dark comedy that is both bloody mad and hilarious at the same time. Beverly Sutphin is an ordinary housewife with a tight knit family. Husband Eugene is the local dentist. Daughter Misty works at the local flea market while son Chip is the assistant […]

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