That Thing You Do! (1996)

Legendary Hollywood actor Tom Hanks makes his feature film directorial debut with this nostalgic film about the rise and fall of a rock and roll band. The year is 1964 and the place is Erie, Pennsylvania. Electronics store heir Guy Patterson spends his days selling and his nights doing the books but also doing his […]

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Under the Eiffel Tower (2019)

A midlife crisis won’t stop the protagonist from finding love in this pretty funny romantic comedy from director Archie Borders. Stuart is a man in his forties who is suffering hard since losing his job unexpectedly. Feeling down and out, he accepts an invitation to go to France by his best friend Frank and his […]

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The Last American Virgin (1982)

This remake of a hit Israeli comedy may have an ending that is truly unexpected, but can prove to be a somewhat realistic one, and yet it doesn’t even come close to hindering the fact that this is an underrated 80’s gem of a film. Gary is a local high schooler and pizza delivery driver […]

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Better Off Dead (1985)

A high schooler finds himself in a series of misadventures after being dumped in this hilarious 80s comedy from Savage Steve Holland. Lane Myer thinks he has it all with his girlfriend Beth Truss. However, in the span of a few hours, he not only loses the chance to live his dream to become a […]

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Extreme Job (2019)

A group of undercover cops take a different career route while on the job in this Korean action-comedy. The police’s narcotics team have been working hard to capture a drug dealer named Mubae. When they find a lead, it leads to a chase the ends up in complete failure for the team. Team leader Captain […]

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