I Kill Giants (2018)

The 2008 graphic novel by Joe Kelly and J.M. Ken Niimura comes to brilliant life in this live-action adaptation driven by a powerful performance by Madison Wolfe. Barbara Thorson is having serious issues. Having to deal with issues at home involving her older sister Karen and being the victim of bullies at school, Barbara finds […]

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The Forgiven (2018)

Forest Whitaker and Eric Bana pull off powerful performances in this adaptation of Michael Ashton’s stage play set in post-Apartheid South Africa. At the end of Apartheid in South Africa, Nelson Mandela has been elected President. In an effort to ease tensions between Afikaners and native Africans, a committee is formed for prisoners and violators […]

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Death Wish (2018)

Bruce Willis takes on the iconic role originated by the legendary Charles Bronson in the long-awaited remake of the 1974 action classic. Dr. Paul Kersey has it all. A successful career. A loving family including wife Lucy and daughter Jordan. He even has a brother, Frank, who despite his misgivings, remains loyal to Paul. However, […]

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Golden Slumber (2018)

A courier’s dream becomes a nightmare in this Korean thriller from director Noh Dong-Seok. Kim Gun-Woo is a happy go lucky courier who takes pride in his work. A one-time former band member during his university days, he spends his time listening to the traffic reports from old friend Jeon Sun-young. However, many know Gun-Woo […]

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Black Panther (2018)

Marvel’s King of Wakanda returns after his appearance in Captain America: Civil War and this structured storyline and driven performances by the cast make this a definitely must in Marvel’s filmography. T’Challa is the former Prince of Wakanda who is known as the Black Panther. A week after his father’s death from an explosion at […]

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Woody Woodpecker (2017)

The latest in a classic cartoon going to live-action form, the lovable but mischievous woodpecker’s adventure has its moments. Lance Walters is a lawyer who just lost his job because of an interview he made going viral. He has learned that his grandfather left him a major piece of property among the Canadian border. He […]

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