Prey of the Jaguar (1996)

In the awakening of American B-martial arts films comes Prey of the Jaguar, a story of revenge when an ex-cop seeks revenge against the drug lord responsible for his family’s murder by disguising himself as a martial arts warrior based off his late son’s drawings. Very low budgeted, the cast of the film includes the […]

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Postman Strikes Back (1982)

Hong Kong film legend Chow Yun-Fat has always been good with a pair of guns. In this Yuen Clan film, Chow gets to do unarmed martial arts in this pretty decent thriller starring Bryan Leung. In a time of revolution, Master Hu has a package to be delivered to Jiao Long, the leader of a […]

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Bare Knuckles (2010)

The world of bare-knuckled fighting gets the female treatment in this action-drama that can be said to combine a “Lifetime Movie of the Week” with the tournament fight genre. However, overall, the film is a well-made straight to video effort thanks in part of the lead actress’ performance. The film revolves around Samantha Rogers, a […]

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Bare Knuckles (1977)

Don Edmonds directs, produces, and writes the screenplay for this “so bad it’s good” cult classic. The story follows Zachary Kane, a bare knuckles fighter who moonlights as a bounty hunter. While he gets the job done, the police are not exactly thrilled with Kane’s methods. After rescuing a young socialite, Jennifer Randall, Kane’s morale […]

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Bad Blood (2010)

Hong Kong filmmaker Dennis Law, best known in the West perhaps for his martial arts action film Fatal Contact, combines the Triad gangster film with more technical martial arts fighting courtesy of former Jackie Chan Stunt Team leader Nicky Li. The end result is more of a mixed bag, but like Fatal Contact, brings a […]

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Tomb Raider (2018)

The video game adventurer comes to life again in this action packed reboot that proves to have a slight edge over its original version. Lara Croft is a young woman whose father has been missing for seven years. Due to take over her father’s company, she feels she is not quite ready yet and works […]

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Martial Outlaw (1993)

Two brothers find themselves on opposite sides of the law in this underrated action thriller from the makers of the Martial Law trilogy of the early 90’s. Kevin White is a DEA agent based in Washington, D.C. He has been attempting to stop Rodichenko, a businessman who is actually a drug lord who uses his […]

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