Extreme Job (2019)

A group of undercover cops take a different career route while on the job in this Korean action-comedy. The police’s narcotics team have been working hard to capture a drug dealer named Mubae. When they find a lead, it leads to a chase the ends up in complete failure for the team. Team leader Captain […]

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Revenger (2018)

They say actors will have that one breakout role that will give them quite the following. This Korean action thriller proves true for martial artist Bruce Khan, who takes the lead. On the isolated prison located on an island, a mysterious stranger appears and he notices a group of prisoners target a mother and young […]

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The Standoff at Sparrow Creek (2019)

Perhaps inspired by the likes of Reservoir Dogs and The Usual Suspects, this interesting drama brings major tension and offers some intricate twists and turns that make this worth watching. During a hunting trip, ex-cop turned mercenary Gannon hears the sound of automatic gunfire. It was announced that there was a shooting at a funeral […]

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All These Small Moments (2019)

A young man comes of age while dealing with personal issues in this dramedy that does quite well with the performances of its cast. Howie Sheffield is having issues. School hasn’t been exactly wonderful for him and to make matters worse, his parents are on the verge of divorcing when he learns his father is […]

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Bloodsport 4: The Dark Kumite (1998)

After two installments as Alex Cardo, Daniel Bernhardt plays a brand new character in this final installment of the martial arts action franchise. John Keller is an undercover cop who has been competing in underground fight rings as part of his operation. He has been tracking down nemesis Max Schrek and when he finally catches […]

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Bloodsport III (1997)

Alex Cardo is back and this third installment is seen as a flashback of how he once again enters the Kumite for a simple motive: revenge. During a camping trip with his son, Alex Cardo inquires his son Jason about him becoming the Kumite champion. Excited, Alex tells him the story of how he had […]

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