Arizona (2018)

A bad day gets ten times worse for a realtor in this directorial debut from Jonathan Watson. Cassie is a realtor who is starting to have a very bad day. On the morning of her showing, she nearly witnesses a suicide by hanging only to save the man. Her teenage daughter Morgan has resented her […]

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High Kickers (2014)

This Chinese action drama focuses on the Korean martial art of tae kwon do and has a sort of Best of the Best-vibe, but is not too bad. Lingling heads to the Navigation Tae Kwon Do Academy in hopes to train under Coach Zhao Yumin. At first, Zhao refuses to train the young woman but […]

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American Brawler (2013)

The world of underground fighting returns in this pretty exciting action drama starring members of the amazing Stunt People squad. Carlos Castillo is a down on his luck martial arts instructor. He has lost his family due to the stress of running a school and on top of that, he is close to being sued […]

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A Prayer Before Dawn (2018)

The story of British prisoner Billy Moore comes to life, complete with a very powerful performance by Joe Cole in the role of Moore. A British boxer with a major drug problem, Billy Moore has come to Thailand to train in Muay Thai and give himself a better life. However, when things at first don’t […]

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Overboard (2018)

The 1987 comedy about amnesia and falling in love gets the gender reversal in this pretty funny remake that highlights the comic styles of leads Eugenio Derbez and Anna Faris. Leonardo Montenegro is a Mexican-born playboy who lives life on the yacht and canoodling with women on a near 24-hour basis. Kate Sullivan is a […]

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Euthanizer (2018)

A man’s lease on a new life gets threatened in this dramatic thriller from Finnish filmmaker Teemu Nikki. Veijo Haukka is a car mechanic who also has another job. He is a euthanizer of sick animals. However, one fateful changes his life. Petri, another car mechanic, has been stealing tires from his place of employment […]

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Summer of 84 (2018)

Take one part Hardy Boys, one part coming of age film, and one part intense thriller and you have the latest thriller from the trio known as RKSS. Davey Armstrong is your ordinary 15-year old paperboy in the small town of Ipwisch, Oregon. However, he has a passion for mysteries and investigations. He has been […]

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