REVIEW: Bloodfist II (1990)

Jake Raye is back and finds himself in his most dangerous fight yet! After avenging his brother’s death in Manila, Jake Raye has become a kickboxing champion. However, in his latest title defense, he accidentally kills his opponent Mickey Sheehan. Jake has decided to retire from fighting. A year has passed when he gets a call from friend Vinnie Petrello, who was his former trainer. … Continue reading REVIEW: Bloodfist II (1990)

REVIEW: Blood Ring (1991)

Kickboxing champion Dale “Apollo” Cook unleashes his skills in this action thriller from the makers of Triple Impact and American Kickboxer 2. Max Rivers is a martial arts expert who is involved in a con game where he makes people bet on him only to purposely throw the fights. When he’s not “fighting”, he spends his days drinking his days away. It is because his … Continue reading REVIEW: Blood Ring (1991)

REVIEW: Blood Hands (1990)

An aspiring second-generation kickboxer decides to put his dreams on the backburner for revenge in this B-movie Filipino-U.S. action film. Steve Callahan is looking forward to following in his father’s footsteps and become a champion in the sport of kickboxing. Always training hard, Steve is ready for the fight of his life. However, on his birthday, things take a tragic turn. Upon returning home, he … Continue reading REVIEW: Blood Hands (1990)

REVIEW: American Kickboxer 2 (1993)

1993, Davian International Director: Jeno Hodi Producer: David Hunt Writers: Jeno Hodi Greg Lewis Paul Wolansky Cinematography: Blain Brown Editing: Lawrence A. Maddox Tim Spring Paul Wolansky Cast: Dale “Apollo” Cook (Mike Clark) Evan Lurie (David) Kathy Shower (Lillian Hansen) David Graf (Howard Hansen) Ted Markland (Xavier) Jeffrey R. Iorio (Hammer) Jessica Springal (Susie) Greg Lewis (Uncle Francis) Jeno Hodi (Attila) Two rivals must unite … Continue reading REVIEW: American Kickboxer 2 (1993)

REVIEW: Death Force (1978)

1978, Cosa Nueva Director: Cirio H. Santiago Producer: Robert E. Waters Writers: Cirio H. Santiago (story) Robert E. Waters (story) Howard R. Cohen (screenplay) Cinematography: Ricardo Remias Editing: Gervacio Santos Robert E. Waters Cast: James Iglehart (Doug Russell) Carmen Argenziano (Morelli) Leon Isaac Kennedy (McGee) Vic Diaz (Crime Boss) Joe Mari Avellana (Japanese Soldier) Joonee Gamboa (Japanese Soldier) Jayne Kennedy (Karen Russell) The tagline for … Continue reading REVIEW: Death Force (1978)

REVIEW: Revenge of the Bushido Blade (1978)

1978, Pelifilm/Koinonia Films Director: Jay Wertz Producers: Leo Fong Frank E. Johnson Writers: Kim Ramos Galen Thompson Cinematography: Frank E. Johnson Cast: Leo Fong (Kimon Matsuda) Cameron Mitchell (Sam Hacker) Hal Bokar (Steadman) Philip Baker Hall (Mike Sills) Stack Pierce (Frank Washington) Vic Silayan (Raoul Amante) Larry Silayan (Lt. Amante) Joe Mari Avellana (Liang) Laird Stuart (Young Steadman) Butz Aquino (General Matsuda) Roma Roces (Mieko … Continue reading REVIEW: Revenge of the Bushido Blade (1978)

REVIEW: Triple Impact (1992)

1992, Davian International Director: David Hunt Producer: David Hunt Writer: Steve Rogers Cinematography: Arnold Alvaro Editing: John Landas Cast: Dale Cook (Dave Masters) Ron Hall (James Stokes) Bridgett Riley (Julie Webb) Robert Marius (Sgt. Adams) Steve Rogers (Capt. Burroughs) Nick Nicholson (McMann) Ned Hourani (Karl) Tom Seal (Russo) Sheila Lintan (Toi) Mike Cole (Cobra) Barbara Dougan (Mabel) It’s a race for a rare golden Buddha … Continue reading REVIEW: Triple Impact (1992)