Sanshiro Sugata Part Two (1945)

Akira Kurosawa returns to the martial arts stage with this sequel to his 1943 film with elements that can be said to be an influence on some of today’s martial arts films. In 1887 Yokohama, a young rickshaw driver is assaulted by an American sailor. Coming to the rescue is legendary judoka Sanshiro Sugata. Since he has defeated his archrival two years ago, Sanshiro has … Continue reading Sanshiro Sugata Part Two (1945)

Sanshiro Sugata (1943)

During World War II, one of the greatest filmmakers emerged with a tale about a martial artist who attempts to find his inner self while trying to make his art the premiere art of his country. That filmmaker’s name is Akira Kurosawa and his directorial debut, despite wartime censors cutting the film at the time, is a true classic tale revolving around the martial art … Continue reading Sanshiro Sugata (1943)

Almost Friends (2017)

A man reflects on his life as he comes face to face with some new challenges, including a possible shot at love, in this dramedy from filmmaker Jake Goldberger. Charlie Brenner was an aspiring chef who was on his way to make it big when he made a mistake. No longer having the passion to live his dreams, Charlie finds a job as an assistant … Continue reading Almost Friends (2017)

Harder They Fall (2005)

Two kickboxers from opposite sides of Miami are the highlight of this independent martial arts drama, well shot and directed by Lee Cipolla. Max Anderson is a kickboxing hopeful who comes from the rich side of Miami, with his mother always supporting him yet sometimes berating him for sometimes not working hard enough. While Max longs to be just a college student, he is expected … Continue reading Harder They Fall (2005)

Heart Blackened (2017)

Choi Min-Sik searches to uncover the truth in this Korean remake to a 2013 Chinese crime drama. Yim Tae-San is a broker and influential businessman who has been highly respected with everyone around him. He finally has found love with pop singer Park Yu-Na and is set to be engaged to her much to the chagrin of his daughter Mi-Ra. Despite his daughter’s stance, Tae-San … Continue reading Heart Blackened (2017)

Besouro (2008)

The martial art of Capoeira comes home in this Brazilian action drama that combines a historical retrospective and a taste of the supernatural. The year is 1924. Capoeira has been outlawed and despite the abolition of slavery forty years ago, blacks are still treated like slaves. Master Alipio has been a leader to the black community in the fight for equal rights. His star students … Continue reading Besouro (2008)

Harakiri (1962)

Director Masaki Kobayashi helms this classic samurai eiga that, like his Japanese counterpart Akira Kurosawa, features exciting camera techniques that would influence later martial arts films. In addition, an exciting storyline and twist leads to a classic samurai film. It is May 13th, 1630. At the manor of Lord Iyi, a bewildered-looking samurai appears at the manor. His name is Hanshiro Tsugumo. He has suffered … Continue reading Harakiri (1962)