The Wrestler (2008)

Darren Aranofsky’s visionary film revolving the life of an aging professional wrestler is one of the biggest films of 2008, thanks to a mesmerizing performance from Mickey Rourke, who makes a well worthy comeback to A-list films. Randy “The Ram” Robinson was a successful professional wrestler in the 1980’s and has continued to wrestle for […]

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The Power Within (1995)

What if a ring gave you the self-confidence and power to make yourself a better person? That is the question that revolves around this teen action film starring martial arts champion Ted Jan Roberts. Stan Dryer is a high school student who works at the local amusement park. He has eyes for fellow worker Sandy […]

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Blindsided: The Game (2018)

After a successful short film with Blindsided, Eric Jacobus and Clayton Barber have brought back the character in an extended sequel that brings some more action and more intensity. Walter is a lover of apple pie, making them himself even though he is completely blind. When he heads to the local convenience store to get […]

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Angel Town (1990)

Olivier Gruner, star of the Circuit film series alongside other countless B-movie action and sci-fi films, made his film debut in this action-drama revolving around a neighborhood terrorized by a local L.A. gang and a young college student who arrives and ends up becoming a hero. Jacques Montaine is a French-born martial artist who has […]

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